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  • Yay found one

    Hi y'all just a couple of questions. I've had a bt 3100 for 20 years mostly just sitting in my garage. I built a mantel with it 19 years ago. Getting off the road and I'm worried about getting parts for it if I break something or it wears out. Well..I found what I think is the same saw only it just says ryobi precision cutting on the side with no numbers. The smt and the other table clamp on to my rails but are slightly different patterns on top. I got it for 40 buck and the saw ran, the blade tilted ,raised and lowered. It came w the rail extensions but no table or legs. So do you think I should keep it for parts or clean it up and sell it again. Thanks

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    The BT3000 and BT3100 were pretty much identical with the major exceptions being the front and rear rails, the height/tilt wheel, and the head of the rip fence. The bases for the two saws were completely different. I use the BT3100 base as a base for my benchtop drill press. The BT3000 rails were silver and the BT3100 rails were black. The parts of the two are pretty much interchangeable. I use the BT3100 rip fence on my BT3000 all the time as I have my shop built router table fence mounted on it. The BT3000 was built in the USA while the BT3100 was made in China. That resulted in a $200 price difference in the two models. My BT3000 is an early production unit and my BT3100 is a pre-production machine. Since I don't have room in my shop for two table saws set up (I wish I did) and given the age of the saws, I am keeping the BT3100 for parts.
    Jim Frye
    The Nut in the Cellar.