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State of the Art on Shim repair

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  • State of the Art on Shim repair

    My 24 year old BT 3000 jammed up the shims again - second time. First time was - I dunno - 15 years ago. I got a shim and do it yourself fix from a guy on or ??? I still have the extra shims (I must have ordered two sets), and some teflon-ish lube for the guide-ways (not bad considering we moved twice). What I no longer have is the very detailed instructions, which I may or may not need. It's starting to come back, and there's a few youtubes that have helped as a reminder. I've gone to the FAQs section and any of the topics highlighted will not open. So, is there a resource depicting the "best of" shim replacement?

    Another minor but perplexing issue is that I cannot slide off the front rail. It slides when I loosen the gibs, but only until it hits what I assume is "the screw" mentioned in the assembly manual.

    Memo to self and anyone who might not know better. I caused this shim failure by trying to cross cut a 9 foot 3x6 chuck of Port Orford cedar. It bound up and bucked and that was that. I limped along for the last six months until yesterday. No sense cranking on those gears. FYI, the first time this happened was when I tried using a POS wobbly style "adjustable" dado. Darn thing shook like losing one blade on a tail rotor of a chopper.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. New saws are a kilobuck for something that looks like it might perform as well as this machine. I did find a couple on Craigslist but - it now takes me about 15 hours to do a 10 hour drive.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There's one article here on the first page, and lots of pages to look thru... It's a start....

    Hope that helps...


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      If you want to keep your saw going for the long term, you might consider doing the conversion to use BT3100 shims. That's documented in the articles as well, I believe.


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        Just a thought about using the bt3100 shims. I think that you are referring to the angle shims that are wavy which apparently needs more clearance - think a different guide mount. I did get this info from ryobi technical service quite some time ago. The guide mount has a different part number @nd it may not be marked on the guide mount.

        i May have my notes somewhere but finding them gets more problematic as time goes by.