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Have the dreaded blade lift problem

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  • Have the dreaded blade lift problem

    I've had my BT3000 since 1995 and haven't had any issues with it at all. All of a sudden it became very difficult to raise. The shims were in place but finally yesterday I had some time to tear it down. I first tried waxing then graphite spray, hoping to solve the lifting issue but it didn't do any good. Once I got it all apart, the shims don't look worn at all. Still I cleaned them up well with steel wool as well as the areas they slide. Of concern was the threaded shaft which turns to raise and lower the motor. I could see ware on the threads of the shaft. Since I had it out, I ran a die over it to clean the threads which went down easily. I also tapped the motor mount where the rod goes through. Again, it just cleaned up easily and the rod spins through the mount very easy with a little slop. Sprayed the slide parts with graphite but once I put it all back together however, I had the same issue and it would not raise easily. I have some new shims on order now. I also found a site to get a replacement rod for $8.50 and new motor mount for $29. I figured replacing the lift parts while its all apart for under $40 is a good deal.

    So a question for the group. Where can I find the miter slot attachment? The only ones I've been able to find are asking top dollar. Where I live, there hasn't been anything on Craigslist for even old saws for parts.
    Thanks for any help/advice you can give.

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    On your blade lift problem - The only problem I had was that the riving knife was pushed back against the back of the throat plate. It was difficult to raise it until I noticed what the problem was. This, of course is not the only problem that causes raising difficulties, but it is an overlooked one.

    As to the miter slot attachment, I don't have any pictures, but several people made their own and it worked well. They used 3/4 inch plywood dado'ed out and a metal/aluminum miter slot added in.I think one or two just used a close tolerance dado in the plywood.
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      Thanks. I remember having that problem once but I don't have the guard and riving knife on there right now. I can't run 3/4" through with the guard installed. The items have shipped so I hope they will be here by maybe Thursday. I'm going to put the saw back together with the blade at a height that I can run 1" material through. I have some projects that people have asked for and I can't go without the saw. I have a bandsaw coming but it won't be here till later in the week either.
      As for the miter slot, I've seen the DIY ones. Was just hoping to find one of the ones made for the saw as I figure it would be the most accurate.
      Thanks again for responding!

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    Of course the motor bracket arrives today and it's the wrong one. So I guess I'll have to look at installing a heliocoil.