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  • attaching to rails

    recently purchased a BT3100. The saw did not come with the sliding miter table. I am trying to make a plywood table extension and router in my own miter slots on the plywood table so I can make some sleds. I canít seem to figure out how people are actually attaching their custom tables to the saw rails. I see a lot of pictures of metal and plywood brackets to support the table, but how do you attach the brackets to the aluminum saw rails?

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    Haven't gotten started yet but my plan is to simply sandwich a few layers of wood to fit in the slots

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      I used washers that fit the slots in the rails with flat head bolts and nuts. Look at the jig articles in the archive section for methods others have used.
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        I used a piece of flat steel stock, drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 bolts. It works pretty well, but kinda fussy to make.
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 has BT3K-specific T-nuts.


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            The sliding miter table is an important feature of the saw, however, and I'd encourage you to locate one. Occasionally someone parts a saw on here, and eBay often has them, such as this listing:



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              The SMT simply sits on top of the rails where it can slide left or right along the rail for positioning. It has two "slides" at the front of the SMT and two at the rear. The "slides" are equipped with lever-like clamps that squeeze the side of the rails to fix the SMT in position. If you look at your manual or repair parts sheet you will see what I describe.

              The channels on top and sides of the rails are designed for use of "T-Nuts", which can be procured from the sources previously described. The optional Accessory Kit, which I believe is still available from Home Depot for a $99 includes a small number of T-nuts to go with the accessory table to mount your router, provide a router fence, etc. as well as clearance plates for the router and blade areas, and a set of casters.

              For the smaller slots, I've found some small nuts that fit okay.

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                Thanks for the information. Ordered some t nuts through to try out. The sliding miter table looks like a handy accessory, but I was reluctant to pay $80 for one when I only paid that much for the saw and I could make my own tables and sleds for half the price.