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person in S Africa with missing SMT

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  • person in S Africa with missing SMT

    I have a Sliding Miter Table listed on ebay and I got an inquiry from a guy in S Africa. At first I thought it was a scam but he really needs an SMT or an equivalent. after I found out he was for real I told him I would try to help.

    Following is the message that I sent him:

    "Before we get into the shipping of the SMT in its entirety I want to let you know a few things.

    1). There is an organization called the Sawdust Zone that was started by a bunch of people using Ryobi BT3000 saws. It now addresses a multitude of items related to woodworking. They are a good source of ideas for how to rectify your lack of an SMT.
    2). There is a twin track/slot miter table top that will work with a miter gage that fits other table saws. I do have one that i plan to list soon - it is much smaller and rather light so that shipping costs would be less - I would list it for about $50.00 of so but shipping may be more - I will try to get to that soon.
    3) there are plans available on sawdust zone for making a miter slot table addition that will also accept regular table saw miter gages
    4) if you have an accessory/router table you may be able to use it to create a slot for a miter gage
    5). You can make a miter/crosscut sled that would use the miter slot table (or the slot between the saw main top and an accessory table). Plans available from Sawdust Zone or the Woodsmith Shop

    Initially you could send an inquiry to the sawdust zone but first you need to join at no cost --- in registering the answer to the trick question is 'wood working' or 'woodworking' or 'wood' - I cant remember which one. There are a lot of guys there with a lot of creative ideas! I have posted several things and the results are usuall pretty good. MY handle there is 'ballard770'

    Then investigate 3 and 4 above to see if you can fix a method of mitering or at least 90 degree crosscutting."

    It is my opinion that he can get assistance from the sawdust Zone anbd perhaps using one of the SWAG ideas I sent him may work with some tweaking from the sawdust zone members. I don't think that he will be able to get anything from me due to the high cost of shipping to So Africa - in fact I did a cursory check with /??FE?DEX rates and it would probably be over $200 USD to ship to S Africa.

    As it is still the middle of the night in Johannesburg I will advise him that I sent info about his plight to the Sawdust zone and perhaps he can get his BT3K working again.

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    Hey gang,

    49 looks and no response. This guy needs some assistance in getting his bt3k going without the SMT. I did find a saw on Craigslist that had an insert table out of thick ply or MDF that had two twin tracks , one on each side. He texted me better photos and I hope to get them posted here as well as emailed to s Africa. I think my ideas may have some merit but I know that a lot of you have more actual experience on the saw.

    i have had my bt3k for over twenty years. But that may equate to one years experience twenty times. In other words I may be properly classified as a wood butcher more than a wood worker. Iím really not that bad but my wife thinks I have dyslexia oh at least I donít stay on track and I wonít argue that point.



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      Hi Lee, I'm one of the 49 and thought your recommendations were spot-on. You post didn't seem to imply the need for any action on our part, and I don't recall having seen any questions posted by this person on the board. There are lots of good examples postef for mounting miter slot tables and building Crosscut sleds, maybe he's logged on as a guest and checked it out.
      Bill in Buena Park