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  • New Bt3000 Owner!

    Hi Everyone,

    Today i picked up my bt3000 in mint condition. This is the first table saw I own and the only reason i purchased it is because of this site.
    I love a big community around a particular item!

    Tomorrow morning i will break apart the saw and see the shims and other things i wasn't able to survey yet..

    The saw sliding table miter fence was missing and i need to buy another one.
    Would this part work ( M0TJKCE8MD21) i know it say in the comments i just want to be sure. ?

    I would also like to hookup a router to the saw but I've read int he forum that is a POS.

    Do you guys have a suggestion on what should I purchase. I would love to have a router fence.
    What other things should i inspect when looking under "the hood".



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    Welcome Bogdan.

    That miter fence will work fine. As to the router hook-up - it depends. Some like it well and it works well, if done properly. There is a kit with a "locking" mechanism. I forgot what part it is but it has to do with locking the router table mount to the rails, specifically the back end. IF that is done correctly, then the router should work OK. I don't use it although I tried it - because I am constantly moving the rails from one side to the other for cutting wide boards or plywood. IF you are one who does not move the rails much, then it should work fine. Just be sure you find and get the locking parts for the router table.

    Someone else here needs to give the specifics of which parts for locking the router table piece.

    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      Home Depot still sells the BT accessory kit, which includes the router table hardware. There are several items in that kit, so it might be worth looking at.

      Think it Through Before You Do!


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        Thank you guys!

        After opening up the saw I discovered that both shims are in place.
        One of them was a bit out of the slot but after cleaning up and lubricating it's back to normal.

        I did order new replacement parts.

        My next question to you is where can I find a miter slot table outside of the Home Depo accessory kit. I would really like to be able to have a cross cut sled.