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  • Fence roller pin...

    Anyone else have the little pin that holds the roller on the end of the fence fall out? I popped it back in and it seems to be OK, but I didn't really know where the piece came from at first. It doesn't look like there's anything really holding it in, other than friction.

    Anyone else? Thanks.

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    I posed the same question.
    I guess this is common and some have used various adhesives on the end to hold it in.
    I have not done that yet. Just paying attention to it.
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      It just stays in place most of the time. It has dropped out a few times for a few, but for most, it just stays put. Those who have had problems use a small amount of glue/adhesive to make it stay. Don't let any get on the shaft where the roller is.
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        Thanks all. I'll just keep checking it.


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          Mine fell out. I pushed it back in, but haven't done much to make sure it stays there.
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            I had the same problem. I put a drop of Locktite (Blue) on the very tip if the pin (Roybi calls it a "dowl" , see the parts list posted elsewhere) and since then, no troulbe at all and this was at least 9 months ago. Just don't use too much or the Red version, it will gum eveything up.

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              Talk about reviving an old thread!

              Anyway, my pin easily falls out if the fence is taken off and tilted just the right way. It has probably happened at least a dozen times over the life of my saw. I always marvel at my luck each time I find the pin. It happened today, so I thought I would do a site search and see how others have solved the problem. I just tried some locktite, although as loose as the pin is when inserted, I'm not sure if that will work for me. We'll see!