Peachtree - Fulton Castors 50% off Memorial Day Sale

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  • leehljp
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    Peachtree - Fulton Castors 50% off Memorial Day Sale

    Peachtree Woodworking Supply is your one stop supply shop for all your woodworking needs.

    FULTON castors Regularly $79.99 on sale for $40.00
    Code: MDAY22
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!
  • nicer20
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    Those removable ones with plates that stay attached look interesting. I might buy a set and additional plates. Wonder if this code is specific for the $79.99 castors you mention or applicable to other castors and/or other Peachtree products.


    • leehljp
      leehljp commented
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      I think they are specific to the $79.99 castors. It would be nice if it applied to the removable ones.