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Disappointing Day For My Woodworking

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  • Disappointing Day For My Woodworking

    Today my eye surgery was deemed well healed enough to resume time in the shop, so I took my cut list for the next project and headed over to the hardwood dealer to buy some wood. Imagine my dismay when I pulled up and found the entire place literally covered in COVID-19 signs and closed. Not so much dismay for me, but for the really nice family that runs the business. The owner is a guy about my age and someone who truly likes serving woodworkers, both tradesmen and hobbyists. They have a realativty small foot traffic so I am thinking they have infection(s) in their family. And to add to the dismay, I ended up at HD buying overpriced maple shorts.
    Jim Frye
    The Nut in the Cellar.
    ”Sawdust Is Man Glitter”

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    Sorry Jim,

    Glad your eye surgery has healed and that you're ready to get back into the shop. The situation with shopping anymore is a real challenge in many areas. and especially so with small proprietors are are effected. Here where I live, I've seen only a couple of places that have cut back and of course a few who are financially impacted. It's tough when you're a relatively small family business that gets clobbered so badly. Around here it's mostly restaurants, especially family 'specialty' restaurants that have been in business for generations.

    Hopefully no one is sick, but then that's a high possibility. These are challenging times, too often effected by illness or death that is beyond any one's planning.

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