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Warms a DIYer's heart! Stroll down memory lane.

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  • Warms a DIYer's heart! Stroll down memory lane.

    A Christmas card from a friend in SoCal had me strolling down memory lane today. We sold our townhouse there in 2006 to move to the east coast. That's where I began woodworking and I made a lot of built-in projects for that house--IKEA laminate floor (17 years old), screen door (15 years old), kitchen/bathroom remodel (14 years old), built-in bar (15 years old), bookcase (15 years old), and mantel (16 years old). Realtors make it sound like the next owner just comes in and guts the place. There have been 2 owners there since us and apparently it was just sold a year ago. I looked at the online pictures and everything is the same except for the wall paint color and it all still looks just as I left it (although the dye stain on the kitchen cabinets has faded).

    Having done some serious travelling this past year and seeing the permanence of some man made things--Great Pyramids, castles in Ireland, Old CIty of Jerusalem, Jericho (continually habitated for 11,000 years), etc, it makes me feel good that not everything in our society has to be thrown away (although I have no illusions that my works will ever last that long).


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    Sounds like you did quality work! It seems to me though that a lot of the changes are not due to the quality of the work but the current trend or fad. You know, like shag carpets over beautiful hard wood floors etc.
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