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    Though I am the founder and the original CEO, CFO, CIO and mailroom clerk for BT3Central, I am not and have never been the "owner" of the site. That title belongs to each and every one of BT3Central's members past, present and (hopefully) future.

    Since I first began hosting a website about the Ryobi BT3x00 tablesaw (it was,, and over the years) I have been blessed with support from others...
    • When I decided to start the site, the members were there to create and share top quality content for my site.
    • When Adele and I decided to become foster parents, the members were there with words of encouragement and support.
    • When my father passed away in June 2004, the members were there with encouragement, love and support.
    • In 2007 when a series of events led to Adele and I being down 1 car and in a bit of a financial crisis, the members responded with a spontaneous fund drive that resulted in the purchase of a vehicle for me.
    • And now, as my zeal for the hobby of wood working has disappeared and I "let the weeds grow" here at BT3Central, the members have stepped up to take over the site and instantly begin making improvements.

    Therefore, it is with much admiration, gratitude and humbleness that say one last "thank you" to the collective membership of BT3Central for the many years of trust and support while I was in charge of BT3Central. There is a list of individuals a mile long that deserve recognition and I will undoubtedly forget someone. Thom Logue, Hank Lee, Lee Styron, Mark Stripes, Loring Chien, "Crokett", David Hostetler all have my thanks and admiration for helping with the administation and moderation of the forum. Also to Tim Cottle for stepping in and helping with the transfer of the site. Also to all the "patrons" who supported the site financially over the years.

    I no longer do any woodworking and my hobby interests have shifted. Adele says I have too many hobbies, I don't think so. These days I spend my free time mostly backpacking and cycling, and I just purchased a used touring frame that I am building up to give fully loaded touring a try.

    So I'll spare you any more rambling and simply once again say "thanks" and tip my hat to BT3Central as we part ways. This place is very special.
    Sam Conder
    BT3Central's First Member

    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." -Thomas A. Edison

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    Thank You Sam for all you have done


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      Thank you Sam for all you have done. Thanks also for passing the torch rather than snuffing it out. This community is truly bigger than any one of us. The knowledge and experience of our membership should be a resource for years to come.

      Thanks also to Adele! Her support and encouragement of you and this forum in the early years is noteworthy.

      May you never flat or break a spoke! May your rain fly never leak. You sir shall be considered my friend for as long as I shall live!
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        Thank you, Sam and Adele for this site. When I first bought my BT3100, I was looking for some hints and ran across this site and have been here ever since. I'm glad to see it will be continuing, even if it is under new management.

        Bad decisions make good stories.


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          Thanks Sam,

          I wish you and yours, much happiness, and great adventures in your "touring".

          Best wishes and a hearty thanks for all your efforts,

          Think it Through Before You Do!


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            Thanks Sam and thanks to your family.


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              Happy journeys..

              I want to wish you the best in your new journeys that lie ahead of you. We will eagerly await news of the sites and sounds of the New America you will discover and travel via photos or descriptions maybe in another web site Who knows?

              Wish you best and nothing but.

              Happy journeys, Sam!


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                Thanks for everything Sam, best of luck to you as we part ways! :-)
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                  And another Special Thanks to you too Sam, and to Adele and to those boys that help fill your's and Adele's life with joy!
                  Hank Lee

                  Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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                    Thanks Sam, we will all make sure the site is here for you if the woodworking bug ever bites you again!


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                      You both have our undying appreciation for what you have done with the site. But more than that you have provided like minded folks to swap tips about WW'g, exchange family losses and births, share deals and ask each other questions. I have never seen a site pull together to buy someone a car. That's how much respect we all have for you two. More cannot be said!


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                        I've been around less than a year...from the good folks here i have learned infinitely more than i started with and don't feel nearly as smart as when i began.

                        Sam, we've never communicated but i owe a great debt to you for kicking this thing off. And, to many others for keeping it going long enough for me to get here. Thanks to you and your family!!


                        ps--In writing this, i also just learned that it's hard to type with stitches in your fingertip, and that when you lay a piece of 3/4" cherry on a belt sander it can whip around quickly and slice your finger somethin' awful!!


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                          Thanks for all your effort in running this site over the years. It has been a great help to a great many people. The community formed here is special and enduring.

                          Electrical Engineer by day, Woodworker by night


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                            This is my favorite WW forum, in large part due to the people. That's a direct result of the effort put forth in running it. Thanks.

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                              Sam, I was honored to have been one of the ten or so from the old Ryobi forum that was asked to review and provide input when this wonderful idea of yours became a reality. As one of the 'Charter Members' of, I feel you and Adele have become freinds way beyond internet acquaintances. It was a pleasure for Ginger and I to have you in our home when you visited Austin a few years back. Know that the door is always open anytime you andyour family is in the area.

                              BT3Central has become more than a place to share common interest in a hobby. It is a family that rejoices together in life's treasured moments, and supports each other through the hard times we all face. At a time when I nearly lost my wife to lung problems and, at the same time, found out my Mother was terminally ill the folks here helped me keep it together and not go completely out of my mind.

                              I wish you, Adele, and the boys all the best in whatever path life leads you to follow. I also hope you check in from time to time to let us know how you are doing.

                              Thank you again for all the hard work you put in over the years to give us a place to go to to retreat from the daily grind.
                              Don, aka Pappy,

                              Wise men talk because they have something to say,
                              Fools because they have to say something.