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    Well ladies and gentlemen, my Sea King project will soon be kicking into high gear and I need your help. I've been kicking around various color schemes and I've FINALLY narrowed it down to two, but for the life of me I can't decide between them. The way I've flip-flopped on this issue, you'd swear I was running for political office!

    Both are good looking helos and both have pros and cons so I'm asking for help! I've sent a similar request to my non-BT3 Central family/friends and I've posted the request on the local R/C forum. I'm going to keep a running tally and the winner will be the one I model.

    Here's your chance, vote early & vote often!
    Larry R. Rogers
    The Samurai Wood Butcher

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    Go Navy!

    Larry -

    I'm biased, but how can you go wrong with Navy Search and Rescue? Plus, I think it's got a little more pizzazz than the Marine Corps One.

    Hope it helps,
    Johnny C.
    not exactly


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      They are both awesome looking machines but I have to say the Navy Search and Rescue is the more eye appealing IMO.
      "GO Buckeyes"

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        Originally posted by 9johnny5 View Post
        Larry -

        I'm biased, but how can you go wrong with Navy Search and Rescue? Plus, I think it's got a little more pizzazz than the Marine Corps One.

        Hope it helps,
        Johnny C.
        I agree. Go Navy!

        Bad decisions make good stories.


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          I'm with you guys on the better looks of the Navy piece. That said, Air Force One is not the most striking example of a Boeing 747, but still is popular for other reasons, so perhaps Marine One has it's merits, also.


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            I too like the Navy version. The colors alone say "Look at me" more.

            The other one says "I've got work to do so get out of my way."
            Hank Lee

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              While the Navy looks good, I've always been partial to the "Black" ones.

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              Samuel Colt did"


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                I have no idea what the Sea King project is all about (are you making a model?), so it's hard to pick which one is better. The Navy version looks a little busy, with the many colors and decals/images on the sides. I'm guessing the colors were chosen to make them easier to see out at sea?

                The Marines' version looks neater, but the color looks a bit drab. I guess that's for better camouflage?

                The Navy one is prettier, I guess, and a bit more ostentatious. The Marines one seems more stream-lined and classy.

                And I should stop posting on topics I know next to nothing about.


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                  Originally posted by Anna View Post
                  And I should stop posting on topics I know next to nothing about.
                  That would seriously cramp my style!

                  I like the navy one.



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                    I think the navy bird looks best.

                    As a matter of interrest, I found a quote from CBC about Canadians and the Sea Kings.

                    When the Canadians suggested Sea Kings could be launched and land on a destroyer, navies reacted by calling them "crazy Canucks." But they made it work, inventing a "hauldown" technique the Canadians nicknamed it the "beartrap" essentially a vertical winch that centred the Sea King over the destroyer often heaving in the raucous North Atlantic and the chopper pilot then flew down the hauldown and landed on a rolling surface about the size of a double-car driveway.
                    From the "deep south" part of Canada

                    Richard in Smithville



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                      Go NAVY! The colors and overall look are more pleasing to me. I would have said that even if it wasn't the navy helicopter.
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                        Why pick a plane than basically does nothing but haul GWB to the nearest US AFB against a life saving USN helicopter?

                        In either case the guys that ride these things are true professionals.
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                          navy for sure.


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                            You guys are awesome! So far the score (from all sources) is 14 to 6 in favor of the Navy SAR.

                            Yes, I'm building a R/C model of the Sea King. The model will be 54" long nose-to-tail, will sport a scale 5 bladed main and tail rotor, will have navigation/anti-collision/landing lights and the main wheels will retract. Power will be provided by by .70 OS engine burning 30% nitro fuel. I'm guessing all up weight will be around 12 pounds. There is even a bit of wood in it so both hobbies are combined!


                            I'm very familar with the landing system you are talking about. Our Navy calls it RAST (recovery, assist, secure, transit - or something to that effect). About 18 years ago I had to prepare an estimate for installing that system on one of our FFG's. Landing a helo on a pitching deck is nuts, being dragged out of the sky........those pilots EARN their paychecks!
                            Larry R. Rogers
                            The Samurai Wood Butcher


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                              id say navy unless you can paint nixon and make him pop out the payload door

                              Phil In Ohio
                              The basement woodworker