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BT-3OOO Up for bids in Texas

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  • BT-3OOO Up for bids in Texas , if your near amarillo might wannna check it out

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    Very old, old BT3000.
    Note as evidence:
    13A motor (from label)
    Date code: 20th week (around May) 1992 (From label)
    Aluminum metal elevation handle (you can tell by the open web)
    Bad switch (stated in description)
    not 100% sure but I think I see it has the old two-button switch which is still eligible for free replacement from Ryobi.

    All of these were gone by end of year one or two of production and they made the BT3000 for almost ten years starting around 1992,
    well they did manage to revert to a bad switch but that was much later and into the BT3100 models.
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      Same switch that's on mine, 42nd or 45th week of '95 if i recall correctly. Every time i've called i get the same guy who tells me that i have to take it to a factory authorized facility (about 30 miles, and i'd need to take the legs off for the car ride). Haven't been able to convince him that it's more efficient for me to replace the switch. I've considered just ordering a replacement--cheaper than spending 15 or 20 minutes on the phone. Then i could quit banging on it to turn it off.