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Non-parallel legs on cabinet face frame

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  • Non-parallel legs on cabinet face frame

    Detail: Oak Cabinet construction with oak face frame.
    Face frame ¾” x 2 in wide x 34in. long legs are glued and biscuited at header 26in long.
    Other end of legs’ opening turned out to be 7/8th in less than at header.
    Question: How do I compensate/stretch to get this opening to also be 26 in permanently, without cheating by trimming?

    Yes, I should have installed a temporary brace at the end as a guide, before finishing the header side.

    Please help!

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    We need a picture or diagram.

    When you say 'header', is that the rail at the top of the face frame? (In any frame, the verticals are 'styles', the horizontals are 'rails')
    I gather you have cut the bottom rail shorter than the top rail by 7/8"?

    Or, did you mean that the cabinet (behind the face-frame) is already built with un-equal top/bottom part, and you realized it now when you are putting the face-frame on it?

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      I'm picturing a face frame with legs like this:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Face frame.JPG Views:	1 Size:	38.4 KB ID:	832260
      And it sounds like you intended for A and B to be 26 inches but C came out 25-1/8"

      So either A & B don't match or the pieces for D and E are bowed..

      About the only way to fix it is to start over. If A&B are at fault, you can rip off the D&E pieces on the table saw and save them.
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