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12" 80T Avanti Pro saw blades on sale at Home Depot

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  • 12" 80T Avanti Pro saw blades on sale at Home Depot

    Avanti 12" 80T saw blades, 2- pack

    It doesn't say but appears to my eye to have a slight negative hook (5 degrees) making it proper for use on Miter saws; it also says pictorially on the package for miter and sliding miter saws Says thin kerf.

    In the Main aisle display near customer service desk at the HD here.

    Saw these and bought the 2-pack being sold for $34.97.
    Figured it was going to be cheaper to use these than sharpen the 96T CMT blade I bought at Lowes a few years ago for $14. (all for the Hitachi 12" miter saw).
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    Those are the blades mentioned in a previous post. When HD put fhese blades out on display I picked up a couple of packs and noticed that were there also several packs with a 40 tooth blade and an 80 tooth blade set unlike the 2 blade 80 pack. I asked a sales clerk about it and he said that he thought it was some of their older stock off the shelf that they had mixed in to get rid of it with the Christmas stuff. I started to buy a couple of the different blade packs but figured I’d just get hung up at the cash register when they wouldn’t scan the $19 price. Since then I’ve stopped and looked for some of the mixed packs and couldn’t find them. BUT....... I did find that Lowes has 3 blade packs of 40-60-80 tooth for $29, so that willl give a better mix of blades. At $10 a blade that’s about as good as you can find. They are all probably made in the same factory in Taiwan anyway.


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      were those the 12" blades? I didn't see any mention of blade dia. in either of your posts.

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    i noticed that Lowes had the 3 pack of hitachi blades for $26. The display I saw was for 10” blades, but I imagine they have 12” 3 packs just like Home Depot has their 2 packs in both sizes. Slightly more for the larger blade though.