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Thread: What color red is craftsman red?

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    What color red is craftsman red?

    Hey guys:

    I built a mobile drill press cabinet for my new Craftsman 12 inch bench top DP. It stands about 23 inches high, plus 3 inch casters, and has three roughly equally sized drawers. Made entirely from 3/4 inch MDF. I'd like to paint it a two-tone color scheme, gloss black and gloss red. I want the red to match, as closely as possible, the color on my other Craftsman rolling tool cabinets. So I have two questions. First, does anybody know what color red Craftsman red is? I'd like to be able to go down to Home Depot and pick up a quart without having to lug in a drawer for color matching purposes. Secondly, which do you think would look with black drawers, or black with red drawers? I'll post pictures when the whole thing is done.



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    You will never, ever, ever, get a good color match without making a head-to-head comparison -- and even then there are no guarantees. Still, it's better than trying to do it by memory. Suggest you stop by HD some evening, collect a fistful of paint chips (samples) that look like they're in the ballpark, take them home and see which one(s) match up best.

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    Yeah, I'm working on that now. Some are better than others; none are "just right". Doesn't Sears carry a Craftsman red??? Seems like they would. I guess it wouldn't hurt me to ask...

    Still hoping someone out there has done this and can remember the name and source of the color...


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    Take a piece of the red machine to a regular paint store. They can mix custom colors very well. I have even had them mix up custom color spray paint.
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    I have printed out some color variations using my pc and match that up to your tool chest. Take that paint sample that you made yourself into the Borg and have them match your color sample.
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    Sears paint department should know.
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    JeffH I don't have the answer on the color of Craftsman red, but you may try this route. Most,(there are exceptions, to every statement)
    tool boxes sold by Sears, are made by or were made by Waterloo Industries. They have a service parts center, and better yet it is a
    #800 number 1-800-833-4405. Hopefully they can help you out with the paint. HTH.
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    Remember that, with color matching, sometimes it is better to be way wrong than "almost" right. "almost" right is noticeably wrong, and can become annoying. Perhaps intentionally pick a dark red instead of a craftsman red? :-)


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    Ask Bob Villa. He seems to know everything.

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    Wellsir it is dang near to International Harvester Red.
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