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BT 3100 (circa 1999) For Sale

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  • BT 3100 (circa 1999) For Sale

    I bought this from Home Depot when I was building my home in 1999. Since then, I have not used it much. I'm now 81 years old and not likely to be using it in the future, so it is time for someone else to start using this remarkable saw. I live in southern Oregon, so I'm guessing someone in the area of Bend or Medford will make the trip to Chiloquin to get it. I have no idea what it is worth, so if someone is familiar with the value of a BT 3100, I'd appreciate your feedback. It is in fine shape. I had to replace the power switch about five years ago. Other than that, no repairs were necessary.

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    Well, no responses yet. Maybe I need the post some pictures. Iíll do that as soon as I understand how to do it. I checked the nameplate and it is a BT 3100-1 model.


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      These saws go anywhere from $150 to $200 in great shape / almost new. Less at garage sales.. It used to be that a seller could get more money parting the saw out (disassembling it and selling the parts) but the demand for parts has decreased over the past 5 - 6 years. While this forum was originally started as a site for BT3000 owners, it changed a few years after the 3100 was discontinued and not replaced.
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        I started my home in 1999, but I bought the saw in 2001. I was mistaken in my first post; it's not 18 years old, it is 15 years old. It's in good shape. There is no rust on it or signs of heavy wear. It is taking up room in the garage, so I will offer it for whoever wants it at $200.


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          In Seattle there are bt3000 and sometimes bt3100 listed for $100 -250 and some for more. I have bought a few for $100 - 150 generally in pretty good condition. I have been parting the saws out and it is sometimes a struggle to recover my purchase cost and expenses but I am still doing it. My gut feel is that as motors fail and can't be repaired economically the part out market may disappear.

          if you post on craigslist you should include good pictures.