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  • Rockler Safety Gate Professional Restart Protection

    I saw this new product (at least, new to me) that might be interesting to some of you.
    Many professional industrial power tools have a magnetic...
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    started a topic Checking for cutoffs

    Checking for cutoffs

    Do you check for where your cutoffs fall when using power saws?

    I recently trimmed the end of a 4x4 post.

    Look where I found...
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  • Grizzly G0572 Hanging Air Filter w/ remote initial impressions.

    Grizzly G0572 Hanging Air Filter w/ remote initial impressions.

    NOTICE: I had posted this review on another forum (Lumberjocks). This is a copy / paste of that review that I had authored there. Full text of the original review follows. For starters, I am not claiming this is an all inclusive review, but rather this is an initial impressions write up for the Grizzly G0572 Hanging Air Filter w/ remote. I have been watching price tags on these machines for quite some time now, and had considered the smaller Jet, Penn State, Delta, even Harbor Freight models, ...
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  • Shark Guard 10.4 initial impressions

    Shark Guard 10.4 initial impressions

    I was lucky enough to have an early Shark Guard (Version 4.0 I believe) on my BT3100 when I bought it, and it worked well enough, except for the lack of anti kickback pawls always left me feeling a bit uneasy, and the dust collection port was 2" instead of 2.5", meaning connection to my dust collector required a reducer, and a more than liberal application of duct tape to make the connection work at all... The few shortcomings I saw with my early Shark Guard were more than amply addressed with the re...
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  • Craftsman 12948 Anti Fatigue Mat

    Craftsman 12948 Anti Fatigue Mat

    A missing 5/16" 1/4" drive shallow Craftsman socket from my set drove me to Sears at Baybrook Mall in Houston. Upon snagging the costly ($2.49) beast of a socket, I didn't feel quite right putting that on my debit card alone, so I had to wander the tool department looking for what I couldn't live without. I need some larger size forstner bits, but all they carry is complete sets, from Skil (no thanks, I already have a PC set), but over in the auto tools area, by the bread truck size toolboxes was...
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  • Jet AFS1000B air filter

    Jet AFS1000B air filter

    The Jet AFS1000B is basically a big metal box with a squirrel-cage fan and two-stage filter system. It draws the air through the filters on one end, and blows it out the other end. It has a control panel on the box as well as a remote control. There are three speeds as well as a timer system so you can leave it running when you leave the shop, to finish cleaning up, and then shut itself off. The outside filter is a standard HVAC type, and the inside filter is a proprietary sub-micron arrangement...
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  • Triton Respirator

    Triton Respirator

    The Triton Respirator is a whole head respirator that will benefit many people with dust and fume allergies and who work with dangerous fumes on occasion. I am not a professional and I don't think this is geared for the professional daily user. It should work great for most home and home shop users. WHAT I LIKED AND NOTICED IMMEDIATELY: 1. FIT: It adjusts well and fits well. The face mask opens easily and stays up when open and stays shut when closed. I have not had fumes or dust leak in so fa...
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  • Well, I leaned my lesson the hard way! (WARNING, GRAPHIC PICS)

    Well, I've gone and done something really stupid. My finger got in a fight with my router table, and the router table won!

    I was working...
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  • dbhost
    started a topic Thien Cyclone done! Pics coming...

    Thien Cyclone done! Pics coming...

    I finished up my Thien Cyclone last night, and after a couple of bumps and bruises with incorrect measurements along the way (I cut that board three times...
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