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  • WrkWatchr's Mobile BT3000 Cabinet

    WrkWatchr's Mobile BT3000 Cabinet

    Now that I had my wide-table kit, (as well as another complete BT) the only real thing I was missing was the space to store everything in my garage. I decided to build the cabinet you see primarily as additional storage. Since I already had a dedicated router table, I didn't need the integral BT router fixture....
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  • Spruce and Sandeply – Another base option

    Spruce and Sandeply – Another base option

    Originally Posted by Jim Dwight in the category Mobile BT3000s There are several good mobile bases for the BT in the plans section but none were exactly what I wanted. This base is designed for cut down extension rails (50-60+ inches rip capacity), less weight in the structure, and a different method of attachment for the rails. The rails slide on pieces of 1/8 inch thick flat stock and are clamped in place by knobs that go into tapped holes in the flat stock. This allows easy repositioning. This base ...
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  • Pat Greco's BT3000

    Pat Greco's BT3000

    Originally Posted by Pat Greco in the category Mobile BT3000s

    Although this file does not contain any supporting text or instructions, it's photos give some great direction for adding multiple miter slots and a shopmade outfeed table to the BT3000....
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  • Maroon & Maple - A Mobile BT3 Cabinet

    Maroon & Maple - A Mobile BT3 Cabinet

    Ever since my first BT3000, I have wanted a large mobile cabinet for it and an accompanying wide table kit. It took me almost seven years, and an upgrade to my BT3100, but I finally got around to constructing my cabinet. This document gives the reader some constructions notes to go on, as well as some photos....
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  • Jeff Browning's BT3000

    Jeff Browning's BT3000

    Originally Posted by Jeff Browning in the category Mobile BT3000s

    Jeff Browning built this excellent BT3000 rolling cabinet based on the "Little Shop That Could" article in Popular Woodworking. Jeff has added miter slots, a great router fence, a high auxillery fence, and featherboards. Included in this file are several pictures of his design as well as some superb measured drawings....
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  • Design Considerations for a Wide-Rail BT3K Mobile Cabinet

    Design Considerations for a Wide-Rail BT3K Mobile Cabinet

    Originally Posted by Ray Girling in the category Mobile BT3000s Having built my own BT3K wide-rail mobile cabinet, I thought that it might be useful to those who are still at the design stage, to those just thinking about it, or to those just interested in the concept, to read about the process I followed and what core design issues were involved. This may not result in a definitive design for you, but may, at least, focus on the critical elements of the project. I have included drawings and photographs to assist, not all to t...
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  • BT3100 Compact 4-Wheel Dolly

    BT3100 Compact 4-Wheel Dolly

    Originally Posted by Rick Slaugh in the category Mobile BT3000s I live in a townhouse with a single car garage (which is an oxymoron because the garage will never house a car) that I share with my wife’s vintage clothing business. Needless to say sawdust and vintage clothing doesn’t mix very well so my “shop” needs to be portable and move to the driveway when I actually want to use it. I bought the accessory kit for my BT primarily for the 4” casters. I soon learned that the casters are a poor solution for me because of the...
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  • BT3000 Cabinet Modifications

    BT3000 Cabinet Modifications

    BT3000 Cabinet Modifications By Norm Havens I guess I've finally finished most of my BT3K cabinet modifications. I borrowed a number of hints I from elder statesmen on the Ryobi Tool Forum, and added a few innovations of my own. 1. For any BT3K users who haven't already seen it, I previously uploaded a separate page about my version of an Optional Handle for Lifting the BT3K. After installing the new handle, though, I noticed, as others no doubt also have, that when the Ryobi casters are attached as directed, the other end has to be raised quite high to engage the wheels and move it. I found a simple solution by inserting about 3/8" in thickness of additional washers as "spacers" between the upper caster bolts and the frame. This causes the upper side of the casters to tilt outward, rotating the caster downward and closer to the ground. My casters ...
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  • A Mobile Base For The BT3000

    A Mobile Base For The BT3000

    This file gives us a very practical, durable, and elegant way to get the BT3000 moving. As with all of Rod's articles, this one contains lots of great photos and detailed, step-by-step instructions and measurements....
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