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    started a topic Duh! moment

    Duh! moment

    I had some wood that seemed kind of moist - it was PT pine fresh from the store which almost always feels wet.
    I pulled out my General MMD4E moisture...
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  • FlashCell cordless battery-less power screwdriver Review

    FlashCell cordless battery-less power screwdriver Review

    I have owned a Coleman Flashcell screwdriver since about 2009. it does not replace the drill driver (Craftsman 19.2V C3 drill driver with lithium ion cells and clutch) but it replaces small powered screwdrivers for doing repetitive screw driving. The no longer sell them and haven't for several years. I've been wanting one to have handy in the garage shop or house rather than running back and forth.

    The advantage of a cordless, batteryless driver is that it uses a supercapacitor to drive...
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  • Dremel vac operated Rotary tool

    Dremel vac operated Rotary tool

    I saw this and Lowes has it for $30 and for some reason Amazon has it for $44, so I bought on a whim but its not a winner. The promise was a rotary tool and vacuum tool that cleared the debris as say you were engraving or grinding. It has the blue ring you turn to adjust that allows some vacuum to bypass and thus control speed. It has a few accessories and a clear guide for flat work. It fits most all dremel bits that are 1/8" diameter shank. In reality the RPMs were low (I measured 15,000 with...
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  • The Sawdust Foundation 501(c)(3) Information

    The Sawdust Foundation 501(c)(3) Information

    The Sawdust Foundation, Inc. which runs the SawdustZone website is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as an exempt organization under internal revenue code section 501(c)(3) and has been classified as a Public Charity under section 509(a)(2). The effective date of our exemption and classification is 2015-June-16. Unfortunately any contributions made prior to this date are not deductible. The content on the site is openly available to all whether you are a financial contributor or not and ...
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  • Shopmade Outfeed Cabinet

    Shopmade Outfeed Cabinet

    Originally Posted by Dave Johnson in the category Fence Attachments This project came about because of my lack of cabinet space and my growing dissatisfaction with out-feed rollers. The top I used was 1 1/4” particleboard with a plastic laminate top. I chose this mostly because I had it on hand. You can use whatever you have and adjust the dimensions accordingly. Also, when the slab was poured in the building I am using for a shop they were not very good about leveling it. Because of this I built my cabinet about 1/4” lower than the top of my saw and used Kitchen cabinet type leveling legs to bring it even and level with the saw top. The top of my saw measures 37 1/4” from the ground and sitting flat the height of the cabinet is 37” even. I bought the leg levelers from The Woodworkers Store, Part # 20826. They come four to a set at $9.95 a set. They measure 4” at their shortest and give you 7/8” of adjustment. Phone # is 1-800- 279-4441. ...
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  • Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000

    Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000

    Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000 Designed by Jim Frye This setup is based on an old Portalign drill accessory and a 3/4” plywood router mounting plate. The Portalign is a useful little gadget, but adding the router plate gave it added stability. I didn’t have a drill press when I put this together, so this rig allowed me to sand curves in wood with better control than hand sanding. I routed a 1/2” deep recess in the under side of the plate to receive the Portalign base and used the two mounting holes in the base to secure it to the plate with flat head machine screws and nuts. Using the Portalign’s depth stop as a height adjuster, you can set the height of the sanding drum relative to the BT3K table. Note the four steel washers epoxied to the underside of the mounting plate to provide crush protection when the plate is bolted to the BT3K table. I believe the Portalign is no longer marketed, but Wolfcraft makes a modified version of a drill guide. ...
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