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  • BT3000/BT3100 Belly pan easy dust collection

    BT3000/BT3100 Belly pan easy dust collection

    I made a belly pan dust collection for my BT3000, using a commercially available, cheap dust pan from one of the woodworking supply houses with a 4" hose fitting.

    It seems to work effectively very simple DC belly pan under BT3000. Not tightly fitting I wanted to allow air in to carry the dust to the DC, pulling on a close cabinet is not a good idea. SO the plywood sits on the stand, not screwed down or anything. So there's air coming in thru the ends and the Shroud dust port arc....
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  • Small T-Nut for the Left side of Rip Fence and Front of Miter Fence on BT3x saws.

    Small T-nut for the left side of BT3 rip fence or front of miter fence (Article Version)

    11-30-2023, 04:00 PM
    I have found a perfect T-nut for the front of the BT3 miter fence and for the left side of the rip fence (same extrusion used both places)

    Its actually a weld nut, but fits the T-slot described above.

    Weld Nut: #10-24 Thread, Tab, 1/32 in Base Ht, 3/8 in Base Wd, 5/8 in Base Lg, Steel, 50 PK
    Item 1LAJ3 Mfr. Model 1LAJ3​ (WW Graingers)...
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  • Lonnie's No Measure Alignment procedure

    Lonnie's No Measure Alignment procedure

    Hi Guys - I haven't been on the forum much lately ... I bought a '55 MGTF-1500 that is taking up space, time, and money that is(was) used by my woodworking shop. The car has a wood frame beneith the body panels, so I guess it counts as woodworking. Thanks for resurrecting my No-Measure alignment thread. I see that it has lost some of the attachments. So I reposted it below. Note - there are a lot of good ways to adjust a BT3K or any other table saw. This is the one that I found is best for...
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  • BT3K Shim Replacement

    BT3K Shim Replacement

    Since it seems time for my semi-annual maintenance and due to several posts asking how to lately I deciced to take pictures during mine. Keep in mind this is specifically for the BT3000 only.

    Step 1: double un-plug saw at outlet and onboard outlet. Remove throat plate, Sharkguard, Big dog clamp, and splitter (or the stock POS []). Remove blade and spacers.

    Step 2: remove left side cover and dust shroud.

    Step 3: remove the four...
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  • BT3000 Quick Fold Table and Manual

    BT3000 Quick Fold Table and Manual

    I have attached the manual for those who requested it. I found this a useful accessory. Its a fairly heavy table about the width of the BT3000 and maybe just a bit deeper than the top of the BT3. The front attaches to the rear rail at two points of the BT3 and has a slightly beveled front to that the workpeices coming off the saw don't catch. There's a hinge right behind the rear rail which fastens to the bottom of the rear rail via T-slot using T-nuts and bolts (the hinge is articulated so...
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  • This article by dkerfoot has been deleted by cphelps
    This link appears to now be dead

    Link to Suwat's Articles

  • BT3000 To 3100 Shim Upgrade

    BT3000 To 3100 Shim Upgrade

    Upgrading the shims avoids the issue of the BT3000 shims dropping out and causing the blade-raising mechanism to bind.

    Before you begin:
    Call Ryobi technical support at 1-800-525-2579 with the serial number from your saw to
    verify that your saw is eligible for the upgrade. Some earlier BT3000s are not.

    ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ designations assume you are starting by looking at the front of the saw.
    These instructions assume a stock
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  • Stripped elevation and Helicoil installation

    Stripped elevation and Helicoil installation

    So I rushed out and bought my first table saw, than discovered this site and all the helpful information "like how to buy a BT saw). What I didn't know was I had an elevation problem. The screw that runs from the 90 degree bevel gears up through the aluminum motor housing was badly worn. Once I had the two parts out of the saw, the damage to the aluminum threads was worse. After a little help from others on this site, I choose to put in a helicoil. The attachments show the pictures and how to....
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  • Belt Replacement

    Belt Replacement

    Hello everyone,

    I just spent an interesting couple of days with my BT3000. I broke a belt and had “one of of those days”.
    First I did a search on this site and read just about everything on belt and arbor bearing replacement.
    I choose Replacing Arbor Bearings on BT3000 by big tim.

    Replacing Arbor Bearings - BT3Central Forums

    And Belt Replacement Instructions By Ed Ellickson

    Belt Replacement Instructions

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  • SMT Guide Service

    SMT Guide Service

    First you'll need to gather a few tools:
    1. slotted screwdriver or bit and handle
    2. 3/8" SAE socket and driver or ratchet, or nut driver

    Then it is time to get started:
    1. Double unplug saw (at outlet and built-in switched outlet)
    2. Blow off any saw dust
    3. Remove SMT right front base clamp screw (see next pic)

    So it looks like this:
    4. Slide SMT table forward off base 5. Place SMt table on your work bench 6. Note positions of the three eccentric screws and the one non-...
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  • Replacing Arbor Bearings on BT3000

    Replacing Arbor Bearings on BT3000

    If you are ever in the same boat I was in last week, the following might be of some help.
    Last week I posted that my BT3000 had been making an unusual noise for the previous several days and actually seized up last Saturday. Shortly after it first started, I checked the belts, they were not broken, I also removed the brushes, they were ok and after cleaning those as well as the brushholders re-installed them. Doing that did not resolve the problem and I was starting to suspect bearings. ...
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  • BT3000 - Crack in Saw Table Casting - Repair or buy?

    BT3000 - Crack in Saw Table Casting - Repair or buy?

    Trying to dust of and setup my old, often moved, and rarely used BT3000, I found that it has a crack in the saw table. On the back left side, where the back rail is connected, I found a crack. Can it be effectively repaired? Or should I pay the 80 bucks for a replacement?


    I am trying to get rolling on woodworking after a parent and job induced layoff.


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  • BT3X00 Shim Maintenance Aid

    BT3X00 Shim Maintenance Aid

    My 7 year old BT3000 finally refused to raise or lower the blade and I had to do some shim maintenance.

    So, I came back to bt3central to review recent articles on shim maintenance.

    David Green's article on using the BT3100 parts is part of my long term plan http://www.bt3central.com/showthread.php?t=33948 (parts are on order).
    Mark Stripes article on shim maintenance was very helpful. http://www.bt3central.com/showthread.php?t=27266 I really liked his idea to use...
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  • Turning off BT3*00 from left side

    Turning off BT3*00 from left side

    After searching this site, and not being able to find an easy way to turn off the BT3*00 from the left side, I decided to post the very easy, very inexpensive, and quick solution I designed for mine. It is made from ¾” PVC pipe, elbows, a tee, and 2 short pieces of ¾” hardwood dowel. I did not glue the parts together, but they have a tight fit. If you prefer to use glue, please do, but make certain it will work (without modification), by dry fitting the assembly, and trying it before gluing. W...
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  • Zero Clearance Throat Plates with Levelers

    Zero Clearance Throat Plates with Levelers

    Custom Zero-Clearance Throat Plates With Levelers It occurred to me almost instantly to tap out the 4 holes underneath the TP to a 10-24 thread. I had kind of cussed under my breath at the Ryobi factory for not tapping this there and adding the screws to my parts package. I also wondered why I hadn’t seen this adjustment in the manual. I guess that was not the their intended purpose. ...
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