Irwin SpeedBor bit, 1 inch diameter

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  • JimD
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    Irwin SpeedBor bit, 1 inch diameter

    I started the wiring in my shop this afternoon and decided I needed a new drill bit in addition to the other stuff. I noticed the Irwin Speedbor at Lowes. They were high on all the wiring stuff but I went back anyway to get the bit and an extension. My local Lowe's didn't have the 6 inch extension so I got a 12 inch.

    I was able to put 1 inch holes through as many as 6 back to back 2x4s with this bit. It pulls itself through HARD. I used my Ryobi cordless on low speed. I was going through Lithium ion batteries pretty quickly. I tried a DeWalt corded drill and it didn't have enough torque and had too much speed. My old Sears 1/2 inch would hardly turn - time to throw it away. So I went back to the Ryobi. I had to push hard on the last 1/8 inch of the hole when the screw feed didn't have anything to pull on. Or I could drill from the other side. I like this bit. It even chewed through a few nails - but usually I drilled a new hole when I hit a nail. It is a bit dull now but I did two 24 foot walls and a 14 foot wall. One of the long walls has almost all double 2x4s.

    The 12 inch extension is well made but not what I needed. I used screw driving bit holders most of the time. I used the 12 inch extension a time or two. The 6 inch would have been a lot better.

    I was also pleasantly surprised by the Ryobi drill. My hands are not in great shape but the Ryobi is fine.
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