Hammer drill Harbor Freight Chicago Electric 68169

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    Hammer drill Harbor Freight Chicago Electric 68169

    I had to attach a header to my brick wall and I tried to use my 1/4" masonry bit and a regular cordless drill.

    After quite a while of drilling I had almost no penetration to show for it.
    So off to the internet on how to drill concrete and masonry.

    They suggest a hammer drill and one place sort of suggested an impact driver and yet another must have been confused because they talked about an impact drill. And some Brits talked about a percussion drill. But I checked and the big difference is that the impact driver applies the repeated blows to the rotary direction and the hammer drill applied repeated blows inline with the drill axis. So I knew my impact driver would not do the job. besides I'd need to get a masonry bit with a hex quick change shank to be able to fit it.

    Checking around HF had a hammer drill on sale for $32.99 and the box stores had name brands for $80 and way up. The reviews at HF weren't too bad (couldn't say the same for their masonry bits!) and with a 20% coupon and the lure of more free flashlights or power strips off I went.

    So I must say I was pleasantly surprised how fast it cut these holes with the hammer control (had to turn off the hammer to start the hole and not walk the bit).

    It comes with an auxiliary handle that's quick and easy to remove toolessly (the handle twists to tighten the clamp) and a depth gauge/drill stop bar plus a key that stores handily in a rubber keeper on the cord.

    I should also point out that it is corded, 7.5 Amps max, 1/16 to 1/2" chuck, reversible and variable speed plus you can turn on and off the hammer function. It weighs a hefty 5.75 pounds.

    I probably won't need it much again this being the second time in 40 years of home ownership I had to drill brick but it does appear to be the right tool for the job and this one is quite well made and sturdy. I was happy for the effort it saved me. Come to think of it I guess there are a few things I could hang on the walls outside...

    So for about $26 after coupon and before tax it was a good deal. If you are on a budget and need a corded drill, this might be a good one to have and you will have standard corded drill AND hammer drill functions covered.

    Oh, yeah, use some earplugs... they're pretty loud when in the hammer mode.
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