pocket blow gun

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    pocket blow gun

    this is the shortest review for the cheapest tool on BT3Central.
    I was wasting time at HF the other day so I bought a pocket blow gun 68262 a slim blow gun

    for the grand price of $1.89 (So this has to be a record low price for a reviewed item here, right?)

    I figured it would be handy.
    But, there's no trigger so it blows all the time. At least, it would if the industrial connector machined into it actually fit. I could not lock it to any of the several quick connects I tried to mate it to. Theoretically screwing the front knurled part into the main body regulates the amount of air flow. I never really got to try out that feature.

    PS mine was not brass-colored body like the one in the picture. The pocket clip may well be the best feature (sad, really)

    It's going back. HF loser.
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