Craftsman 6 piece router bit starter set

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    Craftsman 6 piece router bit starter set

    I didn't know what I was doing when I bought my first router bit set.

    I've learned a lot, since.

    Craftsman sells a 6 piece set ---- and I'll tell you - it's a lousy way to go.

    The set includes:
    - cove bit
    - 3/8" round over (the one piece I use a lot)
    - 2 straight bits (1/2 and 1/4")
    - dovetail bit
    - 1/2 trim bit

    I did use the straight bits a little - but have since replaced both of them with spirial upcut bits.

    The round over bit is the single piece I've had a good use for. I bought a couple of extra bearings so I could play around a turn it into a beading bit. In the end, you'd be better off just buying a round over set.

    The trim bit is not that useful, and the dovetail isn't all that useful without a jig (and most jigs come with router bits).

    Chalk this up as a learning experience ----- this is not a good router bit set.

    (I just finished replacing most of these bits with more practical ones).

    If you're just starting out - don't buy this set. Rather -----

    a) round over set (I like 1/8"; 3/8"; and 5/8")
    b) spiral upcut bit (absolute must - vastly superior)
    c) Pattern bit --- 3/4" long ---- so you can cut from a template.
    d) Chamfer bit ----- exceptionally useful
    e) rabetting bit set (with bearings)