Harbor Freight pocket hole jig

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  • eezlock
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    Harbor Freight pocket hole jig

    Has anyone here tried the HF pocket hole jig # 96264 as yet? I saw one in their local store the other day and decided to try one....on sale for $49.99 down from the usual $69.00. I haven't actually used it on a real project as yet , but have made a couple of test cuts and joints using the jig on some scraps and it works surprisingly well so far!

    Good points: (1) 4 different drilling positions for the pocket holes in different thickness of stock. (2) good quality, adjustable stock holding clamp (3) a good step drill bit with stop collar and allen wrench, (4) width adjustment for spacing of pocket holes, (5) solid overall construction, (6) clear instructions included, (7) hardened drill guides for the step drill bit.

    Bad points: (1) long screw bit not included with the tool, (2) supplied screws
    are hex head and may " cam out" easier if proper pressure is not used during
    installation into pocket hole, (3) a better temporary mounting flange should have been cast into the rear of tool for use of c- clamp or vise grips.

    I hope this mini-review/ mini-gloat helps someone who is contemplating
    buying a pocket hole jig and needs a good quality item for a decent price.