MLCS Digital Angle Rule

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    MLCS Digital Angle Rule

    I was in the market for a Wixey Digital Angle Gauge, but while shopping at MLCS online, I found a "new item" - their Digital Angle Rule. Since the rule appeared to have more functionality than a Wixey gauge alone, and retails for a few bucks less than a Wixey gauge ($34.99), I picked one up.

    It functions as a protractor. Comes with one CR2032 Li Battery not installed (new), has a readout that displays in tenths/degree, and can be zeroed out from any position of the two rules (relative to each other.) The most useful positions to zero for me are 0 deg (for normal use) and 180 deg - if you zero out at 180 deg, you can set the rule to an angle greater than 180, (such as 225 deg), and it will read 45 deg - useful for checking blade angle on my saw.

    The rules are nice quality, and the plastic display portion seems of adequate durability - the instructions do say to basically treat it carefully, since its a "precision instrument". The specs say accuracy is 0.3 deg, but I find mine to be closer - within 0.1 deg.

    There's no "brand name" on this item, so it wouldn't surprise me if this eventually shows up at Harbor Freight for fewer $, but I still find the MLCS price reasonable for a fairly versatile tool. And I think I'll be able to forgo getting the Wixey.
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