Craftsman 12948 Anti Fatigue Mat

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    Craftsman 12948 Anti Fatigue Mat

    A missing 5/16" 1/4" drive shallow Craftsman socket from my set drove me to Sears at Baybrook Mall in Houston. Upon snagging the costly ($2.49) beast of a socket, I didn't feel quite right putting that on my debit card alone, so I had to wander the tool department looking for what I couldn't live without. I need some larger size forstner bits, but all they carry is complete sets, from Skil (no thanks, I already have a PC set), but over in the auto tools area, by the bread truck size toolboxes was a small crate of these BRIGHT red pads...

    Now I have been considering the anti fatigue mats at Northern Tool, but they are honestly too small. When I saw the size I figured I would give one a try.

    At 30x60" I have LOTS of space to move and still be cushioned on the pad. The bright red color while obnoxious, at least doesn't contribute to absorbing light in the shop, which a black mat would have.

    While I haven't taken the calipers to it, the pad is visibly MUCH thicker than the NT models I looked at, and about the same thickness as the pads that we used at stationary stations like the registers when I worked in the lumber yard in college. Approximately 5/8" to 3/4" thick not counting the diamond plate ribs.

    Yeah I said diamond plate ribs. This thing has raised ribs that resemble a diamond plate in steel or aluminum. I guess that is Sears way of trying to make it look tough.

    The material it is made of resembles "Nerf" material from those footballs I had as a kid, I still have one of them. And I am NOT going to admit how old it is okay? Let's just say it has given good service over a very respectable period of time through my growing up and college years...

    At the current $39.99 it IS pricey for just a foam rubber mat. However for the function it provides, I believe it is money well spent. The added comfort I have gotten from it using it at the lathe has been priceless. I find I can stand working on the lathe for much longer periods without undue fatigue in my legs, particularly my knees.

    I have not owned this particular item long enough to report on long term durability, HOWEVER, I will say that for me anyway, when the funds come up again, I will grab a couple more, one for in between the TS and the DP, and the other for in front of the long bench. These are making the floor in my shop much more enjoyable, and are WELL worth owning. Just try to find them on sale if Sears ever puts them on sale...
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