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    Hitachi C12LSH

    I own this saw. It is a good one. Nice shallow depth for a 12" slider (vs. other saws of a similar price point). I now use mine on a stationary bench. It was $409 at Amazon when I bought it in early 2008. It has a vertical grip which some people like - I find it comfortable with both hands. it is also a soft grip handle.

    I like the LED light optional attachment of the DeWalt's better than the single sided laser of the Hitachi C12LSH. The LED casts a shadow line over the blade and you can see each side of the blade down to the individual teeth.

    The miter and bevel angles are also displayed via the LCD panel. It works well enough for me. Most times I do not use it though. Just an extra IMO.

    The detent plate is stainless steel. The handles to adjust the micro bevel also work well. Right and left positive stops are also plenty.

    The motor is 15amp and seems very powerful. Does not stop as fast as the Dewalt I own but still nice.

    Blade changes are easy enough but not tool free. The saw includes a box wrench.

    The saw is heavy. I had it on a Bosch T4B gravity rise stand. The mounting hole placement in the saw base made that mounting kid of goofy. It would not line up its fence with the extensions of the base. I would recommend that saw be used on a different stand (maybe a Ridgid MSUV) or be mounted on a sub table and then mounted on the T4B stand. Ideally I like it in the shop on a miter saw table setup.

    One caution though - I had some damage in shipping on mine. enough to get 20% off and I had to get a new handle from Hitachi. This saw is NOT well packaged so be prepared for some rolling in shipping if the carriers are not careful. Inside the big box is the saw and just a couple pieces of cardboard holding the saw in place.

    You will like this saw, especially if you can buy it around $450!

    From Hitachi:

    Technical Details
    Powered by impressive 15-amp motor
    Includes positive stops 0, 15, 22-1/2, 31.6, and 45 degrees right and left
    The micro bevel and miter adjustment knobs dial into precise angles
    Durably and comfortably crafted with a stainless steel detent plate, carbide blade, and soft grip
    Includes TCT 60-tooth saw, blade, vise assembly, dust bag, 17-millimeter box wrench, and 5-year warranty


    What’s in the Box
    Saw, 12-inch TCT blade, dust bag, vice assembly, box wrench

    The Cl2LSH eliminates the need for large work areas that a conventional slide saw would occupy. Its innovative compact slide system is unlike traditional models that require over 12-inches of clearance behind the tool to accommodate the extension of the sliding rails. Now, with the C12LSH, the sliding arm moves along fixed rails, enabling the saw to sit nearly flush against a wall on a bench top without compromising the range of movement. The top-mounted LCD scale digitally displays miter and bevel readings allowing the user to quickly and accurately set both the bevel and miter angles. Hitachi's patented laser marker accurately indicates where the blade will cut on the material. The C12LSH is powered by a 15 amp, belt driven motor with 1,850-watts of Max Output Power to smoothly cut through hardwoods saving time and blade wear. A dual aluminum flip fence stands at a height of 4-11/16-inches to allow crown molding to be cut vertically for convenience. To save time and eliminate costly mistakes, Hitachi incorporated micro bevel and micro miter adjustment capability into the C12LSH. The main bevel and miter handles are used for big adjustments, and then the micro adjustment knobs are used to dial-in to precise angles. The C12LSH is the top of the line sliding dual compound miter saw ideal for trim carpenters, framers and woodworkers who demand precision and reliability.

    Product Details
    Product Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 28 inches ; 66.1 pounds
    Shipping Weight: 90 pounds
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