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    Makita LXT 702

    Thought you guys might be interested in a review of the Makita Combo I bought to replace my old ryobi stuff (too many lithium battery problems regular battery longevity issues)

    Click image for larger version

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    lxt702 paid $548 after and bigcrumbs discount which I didn't think was too bad and I also got band saw as my free tool with the promotion going on till 6-30
    Click image for larger version

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    Drill- Lightweight, powerful, I like the ratcheting chuck and the lights come in handy more than you might think. Has settings for hammer, drill, and drive

    impact driver- again very lightweight and powerful. It will drive screws and shatter cheap tips all day if you let it. I can't get it to use more than one battery a day driving screws. The light is also nice on this unit

    reciprocating saw- very powerful, might actually make you rethink the cord, I like the quick blade changes because the blades actually pop out. It is fairly heavy although the battery pack adds almost no weight.

    circular saw- great long lasting and powerful(starting to see a pattern) would be good for cutting down sheet goods. I had all but given up on cordless circular saws, but this one made me a believer. Has a very solid base, edge guide and large knobs for depth and angle adjustments.

    radio- no charger in unit but does come with ac adapter, runs a couple days on a battery and sound pretty good for the little 3" speakers. I pod hookup. can be kept secure inside battery compartment on back of unit.

    grinder- works very well spins at 10000 rpms which helps it cut pretty fast we have used it for conduit, rebar, etc and have been very happy with it. If you buy the kit for the grinder though get some extra batteries because it can eat them up(see rpms above). Comes with both the enclosed and open guard, a heavy grinding stone, thin cutting wheel, and wrench. Its thermally protected and monitors battery so when its starts to go dead it shuts down automatically which is nice because I have a habit of pushing them to the limits.

    flashlight-Its a flashlight. Very bright I would like it to have more detents for the angled stops doesn't seem as heavy duty as the rest of the kit but it will suffice.

    Band saw- Recieved it in about a couple weeks after sending in the mail in rebate. This thing is very very very nice. Weighs about 15 pounds which works to your advantage when cutting. We use it for conduit and unistrut and it leaves very little burrs on either. Seems very high quality/heavy duty and did i mention it was free msrp $400. I really like this unit and it was the deciding factor for going with the 7 piece kit. Did I mention it was nice.

    2Batteries/charger- batteries are nice and last a long time. When they do die the charge in about 25 minutes. The snap into and out of the tools easily and hold firmly. The charger is nice (quick) and has multiple monitors to help increase battery life.

    all in all I would highly recommend this kit especially for contractors because it has a lot of nice features. The kit alone is a good deal but the free tool makes it a great deal.
    Phil In Ohio
    The basement woodworker