Shopmade sanding blocks

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    Shopmade sanding blocks

    Whilst cleaning up I found an old BT3central post by ejs1097 I printed out from a while back. I had forgotten about it.

    I made some changes and whipped out a few in a couple of evenings.
    What I liked about them was they hold the sandpaper tight and snug, the bought ones the paper works loose and sags and gets caught and tears.
    Also easy and cheap. Also has a square end for sanding into corners and a radius to do curves. I did modify the block so it used thicker stock (easier to hold) and put the paper retainers in the end rather than the top.

    I used a 2x4 Planed one side on the jointer so its dead flat and smooth, edge jointed, ripped to 2-5/8 inch wide. and then cut to 5-1/8" long blocks.

    Use a 1/2" brad point bit (I think that's important to keep from breaking out the side), 5/32" from the ends and 15/16" from the sanding face.

    Used a bull nose 1/2" bit 0.150" deep to cut finger grips on the sides, centered and 1" from the ends (3-1/8" center to center). Break the sharp edges of the slot with sandpaper for comfort.

    then used a roundover bit 1/2" R to cut the nose of one end, then a 3/16" roundover on the top to make it more comfortable to hold.

    Had some PVC tubing I cut to 2-1/2" long. Use 1/2" OD flexible tubing.

    Takes sandpaper sheets (normally 9x11), fold at 2-5/8 and tear to get four each 9" x 2-5/8" strips which work well with this size. Now I have multiple blocks and can have four sizes at hand. Once you get started make a few extra for friends.

    Thought this article was worth resurrecting.
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