Rockler clear 4" dust collector hose

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  • Carlos
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    Rockler clear 4" dust collector hose

    I picked this up on a super sale, and it seemed like it might be useful on certain tools because it's super-flexible. Unfortunately it turned out to be the worst DC hose I've every used. Yes, it's very flexible, but it's so heavy that it just sags and droops, making the flexibility useless. It also wants to shrink back to the packaged size, so I've never been able to get it to its supposed 10' length. In reality it's maybe 6.5" long.

    The interior diameter is too small, making it a huge effort to put this over any tool or other connection. Making this worse, the flexible clear plastic is sticky and has very high friction. I had to use pliers to grab the coils and pull them over the connections. Just to add insult to the injury, the outside diameter is HUGE because of the thickness of the spiral coils, so hose clamps are a pain to put on.

    The interior is heavily ribbed by the coils, so it will create a great deal of air turbulence. Unlike some of the better DC hose, they made no effort to smooth it out internally.

    On the bright side, the material is very tough and thick, so it would certainly take heavy abuse. It's clear so you can see if you have clogs.

    Overall I can't imagine where this hose would be appropriate. If I wasn't in the middle of hooking up a project at 10pm, I would have tossed it out and bought something else.