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  • BT3K Shim Replacement

    Since it seems time for my semi-annual maintenance and due to several posts asking how to lately I deciced to take pictures during mine. Keep in mind this is specifically for the BT3000 only.

    Step 1: double un-plug saw at outlet and onboard outlet. Remove throat plate, Sharkguard, Big dog clamp, and splitter (or the stock POS []). Remove blade and spacers.

    Step 2: remove left side cover and dust shroud.

    Step 3: remove the four screws as marked with the arrows in the following pic

    Step 4: remove the other two screws and pull the guide holder off.

    You should now be able to swing the motor assembly back slightly from the locker bracket.

    Step 5: Remove rear shims

    Note the shape of the rear shims above. Also note that the holes are offset and the holes go towards the arbor and the tabs hang over the motor's ears.

    Step 8: Clean all parts with a rag. If you find real stuborn pitch build up feel free to use paint thinner or the like.

    Next picture shows the guide holder, and all four shims. Note the orientation of the front shims.

    At this point is may be helpfull to remove the right side cover to gain access to the motor. It may also be a great time to inspect and lube the elevation shaft and bevel gears along with the bevel mechanism.

    Step 9: Carefully set the rear shims in place and swing the motor assembly up against the locker bracket.

    Step 10: Place the two front shims onto the guide holder and place the guide holder in place. It may help to hold the shims in place with small pieces of tape on the tabs (just remember to remove the tape before final tightening.)

    Step 11: Start the four long screws removed in step 3 but only enough to start the guide holder onto the arbor bearing. Tighten evenly until the other two smaller screws will reach the plate behind the bearing. (now would be a good time to remove any tape that you used to keep the shims in place!)

    Step 12: Evenly tighten the two bearing retaing screws which should pull the bearing to full seat into the guide holder.

    Step 13: Evenly tighten up the four screws.

    Step 14: Check function of elevation and bevel wheel. It should work smoothly up and down. Lube the shim mating surfaces. I use the pictured spray lube that dries, others have used candle wax.

    Step 15: If everything works fine you are done. If not take it back apart and start over. You may have to adjust your shim set screws. This article has instructions for this; it may also be valuable reading since it covers this topic also. Once you are satisfied that everything works as it should replace the dust shroud and side cover(s). Plug saw back in and enjoy.

    If you are replacing your shims due to the tabs breaking I strongly recommend that you read Norm in Fujino's Shim Supports page and consider making and installing somke on your saw. I'm on my third set of shims and since making shim supports have not had any more shim problems. Norm in Fujino is one of this site's Charter members. He's been very busy with his work last I heard, hopefully he's still doing well.
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