Brief Site Outage for Software Patches March 2nd at 7pm Eastern Time

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  • cphelps
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    Brief Site Outage for Software Patches March 2nd at 7pm Eastern Time

    There will be a brief site outage < 30 minutes to apply patches and bug fixes.

    Start Time is March 2nd 7:00 PM Eastern Time and should be complete within 30 minutes.
    03-02-2023 06:00 PM
    03-02-2023 06:30 PM
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  • twistsol
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    The outage is complete. at 6:11 pm Central Time

    The outage is OVER; SDZ back on-line at 6:11pm Central Time.

    Had the outage actually been complete I wouldn't have been I wouldn't have been able to post the status
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    • LCHIEN
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      Haha, lets not say the outage is complete.

      Who wants a complete outage?

      Lets say the outage is over!
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