Hashtags, numbered lists, and other weirdness

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    Confusing to people to see stuff they didn't type pop up.

    I can't think of when I've ever had a need for them.

    But I know several times they caught me by surprise and I did not know what they are. Even though I now know they still catch me by surprise as I invoke them not on purpose.

    I'd vote for disabling them.

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  • Black walnut
    1. buy a mini metal lathe
    2. buy tooling for lathe
    3. rebuild lathe
    4. buy a mini mill to make parts for lathe
    5. spend even more money on tooling
    Yessir the vB included coding works like a charm.

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  • twistsol
    started a topic Hashtags, numbered lists, and other weirdness

    Hashtags, numbered lists, and other weirdness

    During testing of the current software, I made some discoveries about the problems we've been having with numbered lists. vBulletin implemented hashtags for the software so any hashtag used will be indexed. Another thing they did was set up a shortcut to create links with a hashtag as well and this is what caused our recent problems with numbered lists.

    There are a number of hardcoded links that can be created simply by using the # followed by a number which are shown at the end of this post. Most of these seem to be utterly useless.
    Where this could be usefule is that it is also possible to create a link to a specific thread by using the thread number

    In the link above the thread number is 850374. If you enter the following in a post, vBulletin will substitute a link to that thread

    If you want to create a numbered list, use either the numbered list button from the editor tool bar and vBulletin will manage the numbers for you, or to manually create a number list, put a space after the hashtag and vBulletin will not perform the substitution. Example shown below

    # 1 First item in the list
    # 2 Second item in the list.

    List of hard coded links in vBulletin.
    1 Home
    2 Forum
    3 Blogs
    4 Groups
    5 Uncategorized Groups
    6 Special
    7 Visitor Messages
    8 Private Messages
    9 Albums