If you have a hotmail account and don't receive the confirmation email to complete the registration for the forum you need to follow these instructions.

1, Logon to your Hotmail account.
2, Go to your Options button and at the bottom of the list select More Options.
3, Go down to the Junk e-mail section.
4, Select Filters and confirmation.
5, Choose a Junk e-mail filter. - Low - Obvious junk e-mail is sent to the junk e-mail folder
6, Delete junk email - Later - Junk e-mail is automatically moved into the junk e-mail folder, where it is deleted after five days.

7, Send the moderator of the forum a private message requesting that they resend the confirmation email. (Thanks to Sam for being patient and resending mine a few times).

You should now be able to get the email message. If it doesn't show up, don't forget to check your junk mail folder. You can always change your email filters back to the way they were after you are confirmed.

I have had Microsoft Hotmail change my filters randomly in the last year to the point that I stopped getting ALL email. I had to go in and reset them back to the defaults.