One of the great posts in BT3Central history...

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  • Sam Conder
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    One of the great posts in BT3Central history...

    This was orignally posted by Mark Stripes, AKA "Black Wallnut" on March 6, 2003. It is a great message and deserves the top spot in the Best of Forum:

    First I'd like to welcome all of the recent newcomers to this forum. I hope that we all can learn from each other. Please take the time to update your BIO in your profile. You do not have to add any personally indentfiable information if it makes you feel uncomfortable but it does make it nice to be able to see exactly who I am responding to. Maybe it's just me but when I notice a new name appearing I usually look up that user's profile to get an idea about that user.

    I hope that all visitors will find this forum a fun and enlightening expierence. I appreciate when others keep it civil and avoid the subjects which seem to get serious disagreements started such as religion and politics as our Host, Sam has required. Disagreement is just a fact of life and can actually be positive in nature. On a seperate forum two members once debated the benefits of thier splitter and why it is a better design. This whole discussion was done tactfully in a way that it was clear to others that there was nothing personal about it but each stuck to his guns and I forget the end. What was very apparent by the time that they gave up was the need to use a splitter, regardless of which school of thought it followed it would more than likely help to prevent a serious kickack.

    The one thing I can promise is that if I post a response that it will be at worst in good humor and at best based upon facts as my personal expierence has shown to be true. I make no claims to be right all of the time. I even admit that sometimes I'm wrong, but not by intention. Rest assured that if I am providing my best guess I will make that clear that it is in fact a guess. It is my wish that all members will remember that there are far more lurkers than posters all from very diverse backgrounds. Hopefully all will come here to add to the enjoyment of working wood.

    Thank you for hearing me out!

    marK in WA and Ryobi Fanatic Association State President
    Sam Conder
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    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." -Thomas A. Edison
  • Black wallnut
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    I'm bumping this thread hoping others will re think my motivations to continue this site. It is all about helping others.
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    marK in WA and Ryobi Fanatic Association State President

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    • thestinker
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      Good post. Thanks for bumping.
      Awww forget trying to fix it!!!! Lets just drink beer