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    I was looking at some deals today on woodworking books and I got to wondering which books have been recommended by the folks on this site. No sense in buying something I would regret, so, I started searching on the site and compiled the following list. I wrote them down and thought I would share them with you. If I missed any "You've got to read this" type woodworking books, please post the name of the book. can’t believe how many bookcase projects have been done and talked about on this site! Jeez...

    Whole lot of folks recommended these books

    - Table Saw Magic by Jim Tolpin ISBN: 1558706771
    - The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler ISBN: 1561584266
    - Woodworking with the Router by Bill Hylton and Fred Matlack ISBN: 0762102276
    - Bandsaw Handbook by Mark Duginske ISBN: 0806963980
    - The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird ISBN: 1561582891
    - The Complete Book of Woodworking, Published by Landauer ISBN:1890621358
    - Getting Started in Woodworking by Aimee Ontario Fraser ISBN: 1561586102
    - Measure Twice, Cut Once by Norm Abram ISBN: 0316004944
    - Understanding Wood Finishing: How to Select and Apply the Right Finish by Bob Flexner ISBN: 0762101911

    Individual recommendations with poster that recommended at the end
    - Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking 1&2 ISBN: 1561580686 esp. vol. 1 – jethro
    - Router Basics by Patrick Spielman ISBN: 080697222X –Anthony
    - The Router Book by Doug Geller ASIN: 069611092X –Anthony
    - The Complete Guide to Sharpening by Leonard Lee ISBN: 1561581259 - milanuk
    - Turning Pens and Pencils by Kip Christensesn ISBN: 1861081006 – S. Muth
    - Workshop Math by Robert Scharff ISBN: 0806958022 – John Parker
    - The Handplane Book by Garret Hack ISBN: 1561587125 – Bob Crosley
    - Choosing and Using Hand Tools by Andy Rae ISBN: 1579902944 – Bob Crosley
    - The Complete Guide to Easy Woodworking Projects by Black and Decker ISBN: 1589230930 – Woodnut
    - Woodworking: The Right Technique: Three Practical Ways to Do Every Job – And How to Choose the One that’s Right for You by Bob Moran and Nick Engler ISBN: 0762102284 -jriechel
    - Proven Shop Tips by The Taunton Press ISBN: 0918804329
    - Decorating with Architectural Trim work – Planning – Designing - Installing By Jay Silber ISBN: 1580110789 – Steve
    - Woodworkers Hand Tools: An Essential Guide by Rick Peters ISBN: 0806966610 – Bob Crosley
    - Restoring, Tuning and Using Classic Woodworking Tools by Michael Dunbar ISBN: 080696670X
    - Router Magic: Jigs, Fixtures and Tricks to Unleash Your Router’s Full Potential by William Hylton ISBN: 0762101857 – oakchas
    - Crown Molding and Trim – Install It Like a Pro by Wayne Drake ASIN: 1581125941 – wild bill
    - Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvin Hiscock ISBN: 0953104907 – Tundraman
    - Chests of Drawers by Bill Hylton ISBN: 1561584223 - istvan

    Video’s mentioned while looking for books
    - Master Your Table Saw Video by Kelly Mehler -sillygoose
    - Frank Klausz on Biscuit Joinery
    - Mastering Your Table Saw by Taunton Press ASIN: 6302706262 - sillygoose

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. It's what makes this site great.

    I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. - Groucho Marx (1890-1977).

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    Oh cool, this answers my questions too.
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      Before you buy Ted's WW stuff, you might want to see the research Steve R. did at He dedicated about 3 YouTube videos to what he found about it. Please do that before you decide to buy.
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        I've always liked the The Complete Book of Woodworking, by Landauer, and also Jim Tolpin's Table Saw Magic.

        A book that I didn't see on the list that I think offers some excellent insights for new and advanced intermediate woodworkers (which is many of us) is "The New Woodworker Handbook" by Tom Hintz. In addition to offering sound advice about woodworking, he also talks a lot about how to set up a shop, and how to use and maintain the tools. He's got an excellent website with tips, tools reviews, and videos, and is active on many woodworking forums.

        The mention of Kelly Mehler's book reminded me of one of the funniest things I've read on the web. I believe it's a true story, and possibly involved a member here.....the story goes that someone had a used Ridgid table saw for sale in the local paper. "Dave" was gaining an interest in woodworking, and had been researching table saws. Armed with his new knowledge, he responded to the add, gave the table saw a good going over, checking flatness, belts, movement, condition, etc., then proceeded to tell the seller why the saw wasn't worth the asking price. After some discussion, the two parties agreed on a price, and the seller agreed to take a check. When asked who the check should be made out to, the seller said, "Kelly Mehler". The table saw for sale was the one pictured on the front of Mr. Mehler's book!

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          (Resurrecting a very old thread, sorry.) I like to learn from books. I always have a book or magazine with me. Books are portable and never run out of battery power.

          Here are a few recommendations for great woodworking reading sources that I like:

          1. Free downloadable books from the Gutenberg Project. These are old books in the public domain, where the copyright never existed or expired long ago. Because they are in the public domain, it is perfectly legal for anyone to download them:

          2. The public library. This has been a great resource for me. You would be amazed at how many great woodworking books are available from the library.

          3. Since this is a thread that recommends specific books, allow me to recommend this one, which should have been in those top lists, above:

          - Illustrated Cabinetmaking, How to Design and Construct Furniture that Works by Bill Hylton
          ISBN: 978-1-56523-369-0 (softcover) and 978-1-56523-874-9 (hardcover).

          This book is well illustrated, with drawings that show the detailed design and joinery of most types of furniture. The book feels very complete, and the level of detail is exceptional, both in the illustrations, and the way the information is presented and organized.
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