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  • Turaj
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    Here is one more "like" for Loring's idea!

    It is too bad that we do not have more entries but I can understand why is that! In my own case, I would have not been able to finish the project without that extra one day!!

    I see that donations have reached $3,625 (still $175 short)! Not sure how much of it was due to the contest but I think it did help a bit so let's not forget those who paid the fee but did not entered a project.
    Turaj (in Toronto)
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    • dbhost
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      Absolutely! Mind you, I entered a project not because I had time, but because I happened to have a finished project that was done for another reason, and I was hoping to encourage others to beat my humble little project... (and maybe stir up some interest in the contest / fund raiser...).

      Thanks for all that registered, entry or no, you helped BT3Central get that much closer to our goal!
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        Once we have completed the first round of voting we will give the grand prize winner his choice and then the runner up. After that we will move on to best/ most complete use of 2x6 followed by most original/ unusual. At this stage I am not sure we should award a 5th prize. There will also be a poll running concurrently to decide this question.
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