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    Turaj choose the package from Holbren, as well as turned back some of it to further our fund raising efforts. More about that in a later post.

    Brian claimed the $100 Borg gift card.

    There willl now be a new prize poll started.
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      Congrats, Turaj! Your project took some noodlin' in the noggin' and you executed it splendidly.

      Each participant did a great job. I'd proudly display all of them in my living room.

      Thanks for the votes.


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        I agree with the contest results but I gotta say that everyone who entered did a really great job!

        No losers here for sure.
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          Originally posted by Shep View Post
          Here is my entry for the 2x6 challenge.

          I decided to construct a toy biplane for our future twins room. I think they'll like it. The wings and the fuselage are 2 feet long. I actually had more wood left over than I thought I would. I've left it unfinished for now. The wife is not sure if she wants to paint it or put some shellac on it. The cockpit is intentionally long to have stuffed animals act as pilots. It's hard to tell but the wings have an airfoil shape to them. Vote for me!
          Before I could possibly vote for your project, I need to see some stuffed animals in the cockpit. Perhaps Pooh Bear or Snoopy?