The 2005 BT3Central 2x6 Challenge results!!!

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  • Sam Conder
    Woodworker Once More
    • Dec 2002
    • 2502
    • Midway, KY
    • Delta 36-725T2

    The 2005 BT3Central 2x6 Challenge results!!!

    First place: KWGeorge
    Honorable Mention: JBoyd

    First place: Jaywood
    Honorable Mention: gjensen11

    And finally, the 2005 BT3Central 2x6 Challenge overall "Best of Show" goes to:

    [u]<center>:~~~ KWGeorge ~~~:</center></u>

    My personal thanks and mondo kudos to all the entrants. I was TRULY blown away!

    Now, get an early start for next year's contest!!!

    Sam Conder
    BT3Central's First Member

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  • Ken Weaver
    Veteran Member
    • Feb 2004
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    • Clemson, SC, USA
    • Rigid TS3650

    Way to go guys!!!! Congratulations!!
    Ken Weaver
    Clemson, SC

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    • smc331
      Veteran Member
      • Apr 2003
      • 1016
      • Charlotte, NC, USA.
      • BT3100

      I wish I coulda voted for you all!

      Absolutely awesome work on all fronts - you guys amaze me. [8D]

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      • Thalermade
        Senior Member
        • Dec 2002
        • 791
        • Ohio
        • BT 3000

        Thanks to Sam and Adele and the rest of the BT3Central staff for the fourm.

        Thanks to the Judges and Sponsors.

        Thanks to all the participants. (Thanks for helping a linear person see some amazing <s>possibilities</s> realities).

        Thanks to all the voters.

        Thanks for all the kind words of support.



        • JeffW
          Veteran Member
          • Feb 2003
          • 1594
          • San Antonio, Texas, USA.
          • BT3100

          For what is is worth all the netries were outstanding and showed much more skill that I have. Good job all.
          Measure twice, cut once, screw it up, start over


          • Mainemarc
            Senior Member
            • Nov 2003
            • 673
            • Portland, ME, USA.

            Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants. While I did not participate, this has been a huge inspriation and a blast to watch. You guys have some serious talent.

            And thanks to Sam Conder, the facilitators and Holbren for making all this possible. Now, on to next year!


            • Tundra_Man
              Veteran Member
              • Jan 2003
              • 1589
              • Sioux Falls, SD, USA.
              • Ryobi BT3100

              Congratulations everyone!

              Life's too short to play an ordinary guitar: Tundra Man Custom Guitars


              • Pappy
                The Full Monte
                • Dec 2002
                • 10453
                • San Marcos, TX, USA.
                • BT3000 (x2)

                Some truly beautiful workmanship was presented by all!
                Don, aka Pappy,

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                Fools because they have to say something.


                • monte
                  Forum Windbag
                  • Dec 2002
                  • 5242
                  • Paw Paw, MI, USA.
                  • GI 50-185M

                  Congratulations to all that entered! You all did a fine job!
                  Monte (another darksider)
                  Reporting Live from somewhere near Kalamazoo



                  • Turaj
                    Veteran Member
                    • Dec 2002
                    • 1019
                    • Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
                    • BT3000 (1998)

                    Congratulation to everyone. It amazes me how people came up with those designs. Outstanding work!!
                    Turaj (in Toronto)
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                    • jaywood
                      Established Member
                      • Dec 2002
                      • 160
                      • Lexington, KY, USA.

                      A big "Thank You" to Sam and all the sponsors for putting on the "2 x 6 challenge". It was a lot of fun to participate and to see all of the entries.

                      Congratulations to Kenneth on winning the grand prize... what an INCREDIBLE project!

                      Congratulations to all the other winners and entrants. As I said in another post... I was absolutely blown away with the creativity and skill that was displayed in this competition!

                      Thank you to everyone that voted for my project... I was quite humbled that mine recieved as many votes as it did with Kenneth's project as one of the choices.

                      To everyone who didn't enter... start planning ahead... it was a hoot coming up with ideas and then turning them into reality. Hopefully we'll have another "challenge" next year with twice as many projects and, no doubt, they will be twice as good!!!

                      Thanks again,
                      John (jaywood)
                      Happy to have all 9 1/2 fingers!


                      • mater
                        Veteran Member
                        • Jan 2004
                        • 4197
                        • SC, USA.

                        Congratulations to all. They all were worthy of winning. It is amazing what you can do with a 2 x 6. The bar has been set high for next year.
                        Ken aka "mater"

                        " People may doubt what you say but they will never doubt what you do "

                        Ken's Den


                        • Jeff
                          Senior Member
                          • Jan 2003
                          • 653
                          • Beaumont, CA, USA.
                          • BT6000

                          ...And here I was, thinking that it was the WOOD that made the project turn out great! No more exotics for me, Man, I'm going "construction site leftovers" from now on!
                          Of course, my skill set will need some work to even TRY to make something as great as all these entries. Them's some outstanding projects, ALL of them WINNERS, that's for sure.[^][^]
                          Jeff in Beaumont, the OLD T-Nuts guy

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                          • Brian G
                            Senior Member
                            • Jun 2003
                            • 993
                            • Bloomington, Minnesota.
                            • G0899

                            Congratulations Ken, Jim, John, and Gregory.

                            Thanks to Sam for hosting this great site, and providing an opportunity to participate.

                            Thanks to Brian Holbren for generously donating the prizes.


                            • gjensen11
                              Established Member
                              • Dec 2003
                              • 158
                              • San Angelo, TX, USA.

                              Thanks to Sam and everyone involved this was great fun.. the Hardest part was limiting my "story " to 100 words or less.. . so here is the true story..
                              2x4 Spiral lamp.

                              The idea of producing functional pieces of art has always been especially appealing to me. To exercise both sides of the brain — doing the math and finding that perfect bend or sway that captivates a person's sense of balance and beauty.

                              I first thought of this project when everyone was kicking around the idea for a 2x4 contest. I thought it would be cool if I could "bend" the entire 2x4 around in a 6" spiral.

                              After it became the 2x6 contest I realized I could do the 2x4 and have wood left over for the shade/base etc.

                              The Process I used in the Nautical world is called "

                              "Cold molding"
                              A method of bending a material into an appropriate shape without heating or steaming to soften the material first. " A very Labor Intensive Method But The application of veneer can be spread across short work periods, making it a good method for builders who may only be able to work for an hour or two at a time." While many variations are possible, the cold-molding technique is best applied to high performance boats, in order to create a very light and efficient structure.

                              I had to take the wood apart ( re-sawn into veneer strips) and put it back together in the form I wanted. I acquired one 6"x 5' piece of PVC pipe for my "form". I set up My band saw ( Griz0555) with a new "Woodslicer" Blade . After "slicing the wood into the strips I started the wrapping/laminating process using surgical tubing to hold the glued laminations in place ( I let go of the Surgical tube once and I thought It was going to beat me to death before I could get away)

                              I used Titebond Glue .for all the glue ups...

                              I used a plumb bob to get the top and bottom cuts straight.

                              I laid a 14ga lamp cord internal to the laminations.

                              I used an old table lamp for parts.

                              I then cut strips for the shade and to get the Round shape for the Top and bottom. I cut (12) 3 ½” Pieces at 15 degrees and assembled into a circle. I glued the thing all together and plugged it in and it works great.

                              Stained to a Custom “Mesquite” Color (Oil based Kelly Moore wiping stain) and finished with Minwax quick drying polyurethane.

                              I was Happily surprised to find out how much wood there is in a 2x6,,, that’s a lot of wood.

                              So other than the lamp hardware there are 6 screws about 12 oz titebond and ONE 2x6.

                              Don’t try this at home (grin), it is a lot of work!

                              Gregory Michael Jensen