Non-turned: Billiards Cue Rack

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    Non-turned: Billiards Cue Rack

    Billiards Cue Rack

    Constructed using the requisite eight foot 2x6 with Walnut Miller
    Dowel joinery, a pewter hook for a triangle, and some small Walnut
    embelishments. Finish is three coats of Satin Deft Poly. Overall
    dimensions are 38hx32wx5.5d.

    Lower flat shelf for chalks, etc. Two "v" shelves can hold a total of
    twenty balls. Room for 5 cues and a "keyed" position for the bridge.

    I have never found a cue rack that I liked the treatment of the
    bridge, so I decided to tackle the problem myself. The result is this
    rack with a "keyed" bridge holder.

    Lakota's Dad

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