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Can searching allow the word ZERO and return more than 15 results per page?

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  • Can searching allow the word ZERO and return more than 15 results per page?

    These are small requests, not my biggest worry in life!

    Can't search on "ZERO": I am trying to find posts on Zero Clearance insert, and my title-only search on zero clearance returns all "clearance" items with that word being highlighted, and ignores zero. I get a lot of "clearance sale" and other stuff in that result.I sure would love more than 15 results per page! I often faced with many pages of results, mostly filled with short follow-on questions. I notice this forum does not have an option for me to select how many results per page I want. Can it? Or can you just make it 50 results instead of 15? We're not dialup anymore!


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    First, I always use the advanced search it gives me much more control.
    Try searching on ZCTP (zero clearance throat plate).

    Also use quotes for a phrase exact match like "zero clearance" work... I just tried it. Searching for keywords "zero clearance" ZCTP in all posts not just titles gave me a managable 90 hits.

    Also did you check the BT3 FAQ (not the forum FAQ), linked at the bottom of my posts. I think it has a section of ZCTPs for the BT3x saws.

    Sorry about the 15 item listing... be patient.
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      Is there something in particular you need to know? Or just looking for ideas?
      Loring in Katy, TX USA
      If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
      BT3 FAQ -


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        Interesting question. I was under the impression that if you enclosed your search words in parenthesis " " you would get only those words enclosed, in other words an exact match for "zero clearance inserts". Obviously that doesn't work here.

        I searched the Tool Talk section for "zero clearance inserts" and got 179 hits, with inserts, clearance inserts, and even clearance highlighted within the posted commentary. However when "zero clearance inserts" were mentioned, only the last two words would be highlighted.... looking like this: zero clearance inserts

        Sort of odd I think. But then I don't know exactly how the search function selects it's criteria on the forum.

        One of the problems I have with Amazon is that you can do a search for a particular title or product and it gives you a very wide array, sometimes with absolutely no listing of the specific item you were hoping to find.

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          I've added the Google extension for "search the current site" to my browsers It adds a search magnifying glass to the right of the usual search box on Chrome based browsers that gets you a new search box to search the site only. Many forums have search functions that don't work in a familiar way. One forum I search on frequently can't handle initialed names, like "W. C. Fields" and will return thousands with "Fields" as part of a title or by-line, yet can do "first-name last-name" without any chaff. So, the Google search site extension puts me back on familiar ground.
          In the case of your "Zero Clearance Throat Plate" search, I find it helpful to find one entry that uses a a name that appears to be the common slang on the site, and then re-search with that expression, like Loring suggests with "ZCTP". One forum I follow tosses around acronyms like the government and assumes every user is familiar with the acronyms for things like Central Electronics Module, "Driver Information Module", and some really obscure ones. Another forum is run by an administrator that has developed the forum as a labor of love and has more rules and idiosyncrasies than are believable, so searching can be a trial because of the sub-topics that are "suggested".
          Out of curiosity, I just searched Zero Clearance Throat Plate on the Rockler site and had some interesting, yet useless, returns. Nothing there for ZCTP


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            I think he was aksing specifically about searching on Sawdustzone for BT3 related Zero clearance stuff

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          I just looked in the system and 15 results per page is hardcoded into the software on search page. There is an option to change it, but it changes for the everyone and isn't settable for an individual user.
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