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  • Log in not carried to Home Page

    Usually visit BT3 without logging in. When I leave the Home page to read a topic and log in from that topic's page the Home page isn't updated to show I'm logged in. I have to find a page that shows me logged in to log out. Can't log out from the Home page because its waiting for me to log in. Such is life. Keep hanging in there.

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    My guess is you're using your Back Button aren't you? If that's the case then you're going back to the page that was remembered before you logged in. Try clicking on the prompts instead of using the Back Button after you have logged in.
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      Or if you do use the back buttons, you can try to hit refresh.


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        What they said. Hit F5 to refresh your session. If you still have problems, please reply here. We may need a more detailed description of the problem you are experiencing. The information we will likely want.

        #1. Computer Operating System, and version. I.E. Apple Mac OS-X 10.6, Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, Ubuntu Linux 12.04 32 bit etc...

        #2. The browser you are using to access the site, and version. Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, Chrome whatever they are at etc...

        #3. The steps you take to reproduce the error. (logged in, not logged in, specific pages viewed etc...).

        #4. Specific time, including time zone, that the error is taking place.

        That information will go a very long way to helping us diagnose and fix the issue.
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          There is one other thing you could do, log in and stay logged in. That's what I pretty much do and so far, knock on wood, it has never caused me any problems doing that. About the only time I have to log back into this site and others is when I do a periodic cleanup of all my cookies.
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            Thanks guys, you nailed it and I appreciate it. I'm off the back arrow and all is well.
            Happy Thanksgiving.