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  • Dick Parr
    Forum Newbie
    • Jul 2005
    • 18
    • Knoxville, TN, USA.

    Thank You To Teknatool

    While checking on all the different types of lathes in the last few months, I was on the Teknatool web site looking at the Nova DVR lathe when I came across a survey to fill out on the SuperNova chuck. Since I had one I took the 5 min to fill it out and when I clicked on submit a window came up that thanked me and said I was now entered into a drawing for a SuperNova 2 Chuck.

    That was 3 months ago and I had forgot all about it. On July 1st I received an email from Teknatool telling me Congratulations that the drawing was held and I was the winner.

    This is the first time I have won anything in a long time. Besides asking for my address they also wanted to know the thread size of my lathe because it also included an insert and free shipping.

  • jdoolitt
    Established Member
    • Jun 2004
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    Wow! Congrats Dick.


    • kwgeorge
      Veteran Member
      • Jan 2004
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      • Alvin, TX, USA.


      Wow! thatís Awesome! What a great gift.


      • monte
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        • Dec 2002
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        • Paw Paw, MI, USA.
        • GI 50-185M

        Very nice! Congratulations!
        Monte (another darksider)
        Reporting Live from somewhere near Kalamazoo


        • Whaler
          Veteran Member
          • Dec 2002
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          • Sequim, WA, USA.
          • DW746

          Congratulations, Surprises like that are nice.


          • Jim Ketron
            Forum Newbie
            • Jul 2005
            • 68
            • Weber City, Va, USA.

            Man you cant beat Free especially when it's a Supernova2
            Congrats Buddy!
            (Have Chainsaw-Will Travel) please visit my web site


            • gerti
              Veteran Member
              • Dec 2003
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              • Minnetonka, MN, USA.
              • BT3100 "Frankensaw"

              Cool, congratulations!


              • Ken Weaver
                Veteran Member
                • Feb 2004
                • 2417
                • Clemson, SC, USA
                • Rigid TS3650

                That is so cool Dick - all I ever get when I fill out those kind of forms is more spam
                Ken Weaver
                Clemson, SC

                "A mistake is absolute proof that someone tried to do something!


                • mater
                  Veteran Member
                  • Jan 2004
                  • 4197
                  • SC, USA.

                  It is nice to know that someone actually wins something thru a survey.
                  Ken aka "mater"

                  " People may doubt what you say but they will never doubt what you do "

                  Ken's Den