Grizzly lathe recall

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    Grizzly lathe recall


    G0584 G0462 W1758 WOOD LATHES

    Grizzly is coordinating with the CPSC on a voluntary recall of selected parts of the Grizzly G0462, G0584 Wood Lathes, as well as the Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathes sold during the follow dates:

    G0462 – 11/11/2005 to 01/17/2023
    G0584 – 02/18/2005 to 11/11/2008
    W1758 – 09/23/2007 to 01/10/2023

    When using the lathe to its full capacity it is found that the faceplates and tool rest holders have the potential to fracture under the excessive force from heavy turning.

    Consumers should immediately stop using the machines until you receive replacement parts and instructions sent by Grizzly Industrial. Grizzly is contacting all known purchasers directly to notify them of this recall and send them a free upgraded parts kit. For more information contact Grizzly Industrial at 1-888-596-8540 or email at

    I have the G0462 and have used it to its full capacity when making 2 "capitals" and 2 bases - or the decorative facings at the top and bottom of 2 columns. Not doing that again for a while.
    Hank Lee

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