Value of a lathe to sell?

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  • Value of a lathe to sell?

    I'll be selling our Jet JWL-1236 along with a few of the usual accessories/chucks. I am guessing I should sell the cutting tools separately, probably. I can't seem to find any others to compare prices. Thoughts? The lathe is in great shape, with the OEM stand. No rust or issues. I have no idea what to ask for it. eBay seems like a challenging place to sell it because of the shipping issues, but might work.

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    I'd sell it on FB.

    I'm in the upper Ohio Valley - and we have an Ohio Valley woodworker's forum on FB.
    Lots of stuff gets swapped and sold.

    FB Market works - and seems to work really well. I just sold a Starett Level for $200 --- so it's working for me.


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      There were two on eBay. one at $900 and one at $700+. I am not good at pricing as I tend to undersell to get rid of something I can't or don't use anymore. But my idea was in the $700- $800 range.

      What brings the price down now is that EVS is flooding the market for buyers. I have the Grizzly version of the 1236 - purchased in 2015 and even then it had a readout. I know old timers who despise "readouts" because they never had them before. But they sure are nice. I think the accessories will make a large difference in getting someone to purchase it. Be sure to list them individually in with your selling price. And I agree, the cutting tools/chisels will usually sell on their own at a better price.
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        I don't use Facebook at all any more, and when I did, sales there were a cesspool of idiots. So my plan is CL, which I use all the time, and maybe eBay as a pickup or "you handle freight" kind of sale. Thanks for the price opinions, and I list everything at a good price and "firm, period." No haggling. I'd rather leave $20 on the table than deal with haggling.