New lathe coming!

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  • New lathe coming!

    I rubbed my eyes a few times to double-check what I was seeing.

    I just pulled trigger on a Rikon 1218vs for $349!

    3/4 HP variable speed, 12 inches of play space, 18 inches between centers, and
    a meaty 1" tool rest post.

    All this with a 5 year warranty!

    My Harbor Freight lathe was fine for a starter.
    I just got tired of pretending it was a good machine
    (I added Sorby Tools, and a Nova G3 chuck).

    The straw that broke the camel's back was the tail stock lock stripping, HF uses cheap steel - and the parts are so soft, they strip really easily.

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    I missed this thread Sunday, when it was posted. I think you will like it. I have one of the original Rikons and it is 12 inches, Love that extra space and the beefiness of the post. Hope you enjoy it. Show us some picts when you get it!
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      I missed this as well! Rikon makes a fine lathe, I think you will enjoy it. Having variable speed instead of a Reeves drive or manual belt changes, depending on which Harbor Freight model you had, with that three quarter horsepower will be a huge Improvement.
      Bill in Buena Park


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        Click image for larger version

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          Brought a smile to my face! Enjoy!
          Bill in Buena Park


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            Call me a nerd if you like, but I'm very impressed with the manual. One of the cleanest and most informative I've seen.


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              Finally got my basement remodel done! So ------ now I can use the new lathe!!!!

              Unboxing ----- The Rikon1218VS is CONSIDERABLY better than my Harbor Freight lathe.

              a) 4.5 amps ---- up from 3.5 (3/4 HP)
              b) Underside is painted (HF is not)
              c) Nice little tool rack on the back
              d) Tail Stock ----- NO PLAY! Centers align perfect!
              (HF tail stock is off a tiny little bit --- less than 1mm ---- but I notice it)
              e) QUIET!!!! Much quieter than the HF.
              f) Turning Live Oak ---- no problem!
              g) The machine work is much better ---- screws and chuck all go in smoothly
              I was having challenges with big kick backs with the HF ---- the HP is just not enough. My chunk of live oak turns easily, now.

              Overall, I'm VERY pleased with the Rikon 1218VS. Absolutely worthwhile buy.

              Can't wait to get back to turning!

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