Wide shallow Peppertree bowl

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  • Wide shallow Peppertree bowl

    Its been too hot to work in my shop lately (no AC), but I needed to turn something, so braved the heat - and out came this wide shallow bowl. The dry blank was as hard as dry white ash, lots of tool resharpening. Hope the weather cools off and I can get back out more. Video linked below - thanks for watching.

    Click image for larger version

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    Bill in Buena Park

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    Very nice. I always have a heck of a time with the nipple at the middle, and was looking forward to seeing how you did it. Then you cut that part out.... LOL


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      Thanks Carlos. Yeah, some content has to hit the editting room floor - but I typically reduce the "tower" to a "nipple" using a bowl gouge, then deal with the nipple using a broad round-nose scraper; I have the 1.5inch wide round-nose scraper from PSI (Benjamin's Best), re-ground to negative-rake. I use it at the centerline, working from the center of the nipple down toward the bottom of the bowl until it leaves a slight central concavity, then I work the bottom of the bowl inward from near the wall toward the center, until flush with that concavity.

      Link to scraper:
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      Bill in Buena Park


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        Benjamin's Best 1-1/2" Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Round Nose Scraper - 20" Long. Use this scraper for final cleanup after turning the inside of a l
        Bill in Buena Park


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          I think we have one of those, I'll have to give it a shot. The wife is the real turner here, I just use it every couple years so she fix what I screw up.


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            I wondered where you have been! Doing some great work. Sell a few pieces and get an AC!
            Hank Lee

            Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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              Thanks Hank. Seriously considering adding a window AC somewhere, although no windows available...
              Bill in Buena Park


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                You can get a through-wall AC that looks like a window air. Not sure what all the differences are or why they cost more. I would assume that they are all small enough to fit between studs. I've only barely glanced at them though, I'm mostly happy with the swamp cooler except when it's really crazy hot or we get humidity.


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                  Window and through the wall air conditioners are basically the same size..... I believe that through the wall air conditioners are actually window air conditioners, only in a box without side vents. Through the wall units would require cutting a stud. My 14000 btu window heat pump ac is installed through the wall because I didnít want to give up a window, and I didnít want the air conditioner hanging out at window level where I would knock my shoulder on it when I walked by it outside the building. 14000 btu ACs are rated to cool about 700sf. Another type of air conditioner for consideration is a terminal unit, it is the type seen in motel rooms. It is a through the wall unit mounted near the floor level, and is wider than a window unit.

                  I like the mini split type air conditioners but they are usually higher priced than window and through the wall units. With the condenser/compressor unit outside it is basically hidden from view which makes it ideal for shops that have HOA regulations prohibiting window and through the wall units.

                  I think that if i have to replace my air conditioner and decide to not to use a window unit I will consider a wall mount mobile office air conditioner. These units attach to the outside wall and have its supply and return through openings in the walls.

                  Life it just too short to have to put up with having to work in a hot shop.



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                    Beautiful bowl.