Camphor Turned Lidded Box

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  • Camphor Turned Lidded Box

    Still have lots of camphor, I'll try to use something different in my next project In this video (link at bottom), I turn a lidded box and use a Sorby Micro-Spiralizer tool to add some decoration. Thanks for watching!

    Click image for larger version

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    Bill in Buena Park

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    I really like the spiral. Looks Great!

    Do you sell any of your turnings?
    Hank Lee

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!


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      Thanks Hank. I mainly donate to charity auctions, and haven't dipped a toe into direct selling yet, but considering starting an Etsy page... of course, Etsy may already be inundated with similar offerings.
      Bill in Buena Park


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        Bill - I have watched your video a few timies now and just noticed that
        you used the parting tool "upside down" - or does it matter ??
        it just looks like it would grab in the inverted position. Just curious.
        excellent work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Thanks Johnny. I'm guessing you're talking about the thin parting tool, since I don't believe the standard parting tool (also used) has an "upside down". I learned how to use this tool in either orientation, and my use changes back and forth depending on the cut and how the wood feels. In the position shown in the video, the tool is behaving more like a thin-kerf negative-rake scraper during the parting, and negative-rake scrapers tend to be less "catchy" for me.

          Bill in Buena Park


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            Thanks Bill

            when I took Wood Shop in high school, that was my first "official" entry into woodworking.
            the shop teacher, Mr. John Day, was soooooo patient with us pesky teenagers that "knew it all".
            Over the wood lathe, there was a turning tool stuck in the ceiling ....... he said it was to be constant
            reminder of just how quickly you can impale yourself with sharp objects.
            it was maybe 20 years later, when our paths crossed and we were talking about wood shop and how he
            thought I was the most talented of all his classes. I was indeed flattered, but he probably told all his students that.
            anyway, our conversation turned back to the turning chisel stuck in the ceiling (which I have never forgotten) and I asked just how it had happened.
            he busted out laughing and said . . . . "well, I got up on a step ladder and hammered that tool into the ceiling with a hammer - just to get the students attention".
            needless to say - it WORKED !! many (if not all) of his students passed the lathe class with white knuckles !
            my father taught me a lot about tools - but Mr. Day taught me how to use them correctly and safely. He is always remembered by his quick wit and warm heart.
            if he had only spent a little more time on table saw safety, I would not be looking out of one eye today LOL LOL LOL LOL

            thanks Bill !! (and a warm thank you to Mr. Day)


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              Johnny, I believe Sam Angelo is a well regarded turner, I found one of his videos also demonstrating various parting tools, including the thin kerf, similar orientation to my "upside down" use:

              Check out 10:40 and 12:18
              Bill in Buena Park